Did you know that more than half of today’s Millennial shoppers actively choose to ignore brands that do not have online reviews, or even worse, have a long list of negative reviews from unhappy customers?

When it comes to consumers of all ages, over 25% look for online reviews, and positive ones in particular when researching online businesses. On top of attractive customers with shiny reviews, reviews can also play a part in whether your business performs well in a Google search results pages. But how can you make the best use of the reviews you have garnered over multiple platforms?

In this article, we will look into where you can find your online reviews, how to use them, and how to present them effectively. Read on to find out more!

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You can be reviewed on multiple platforms – sometimes without your knowledge – including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor and even Youtube. If you run a restaurant, bed and breakfast or a tourist service, your customers may even leave reviews on websites such as Zomato or GoodFood.

Do you provide professional services? If so, you can request recommendations from your clients on LinkedIn which also serve as valuable reviews. If you are looking to get a good review of your business from your employees, head over to Glassdoor. Last but not least, don’t neglect thank you notes and testimonials you receive via email. These are valued opinions from happy and satisfied customers, and can truly be of fantastic value to your business.


Potential customers usually expect to view some reviews of your business before they take you seriously or trust you with their money, so make sure that you have got all your bases covered. A great way to do this is to showcase your positive reviews on your website, either with an embed widget or on a dedicated “Testimonials” page on your website. You can also find information online for embedding your Facebook and Google reviews directly on your website.

Beyond third-party reviews, do not hesitate to ask your reviewers if you can use their feedback into testimonials that include a little headshot of them and their review. Testimonials are a fantastic addition to any website, and reviews of specific products can further assist in marketing your products online.


Obviously, you will want to use the reviews that are truly bursting with praise for your business, products and services. Other ways of choosing the best reviews to showcase are as follows:

Short And Sweet

You’re going to want to use reviews that are succinct and to the point. No room for lengthy, dragging reviews here. Visitors have a short attention span, and anything that takes more than a minute to read is considered too long in today’s fast-paced world. You can shorten words on reviews, but please do not alter the meaning of the review as you edit it.

Choose Reviews That Are Specific

A short and sweet review should also be one that is specific in its meaning.  If you many short yet vague reviews, you may want to respond to customers, thanking them for their input, as well as asking them something in particular that stood out about their experience with your establishment. Specifics are important when it comes to reviews.

Keep It Relevant

If you have honed your focus on a particular product or service this season, then you will want to follow suit and also focus on the reviews left for those particular services you are looking to promote. Always remember that if your reviews are for services or products that you no longer offer, your customers are going to be left highly confused.

Real People, Real Reviews

It is important that your potential customers believe that your positive reviews have come from real, legitimate people. If you’re embedding reviews from third-party platforms such as Facebook, remember to include the reviewers’ information in your widget. All you need is their name and profile picture to bring some authenticity to your reviews. If you’re using testimonials on your site, remember to ask for permission to use a reviewer’s name, photo and location.


Following these simple steps, you’ll definitely be squeezing as much as you can out of the positive reviews that your happy customers have left you. Investing quality time in leveraging your digital word-of-mouth ensures that you will attract more customers in the future.

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