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Our link building strategies are recognised, and trusted, by some of our biggest competitors; globally. So, why wouldn’t you want to explore your SEO strategy with a digital agency that has become the outsource partner of choice for its own competition?

What Is Link Building?

Don't be mislead, link building is still the number one ranking factor for SEO success! It is also one of the more difficult skills to master! Put simply, link building is the process of obtaining hyperlinks from third-party websites back to your own websites key landing pages. There are many types of links, many of which can be found here.

How Does Link Building Actually Work?

Links are the online equivalent of an offline referral from a specialist. The higher volume and quality of referrals you have from trusted sources, the more likely potential customers are to contact your business. Search engines work in the same way; the more quality, industry relevant links a website has, the more likely search engines are to rank a website.

How Do Search Engines Determine Results?

There are a variety of factors that Search Engines use to determine the quality of a domain's link profile. It is critical that there is a high degree of relevancy across the entire profile and that the links are from reputable sources. Search Engines also take into account the quality and topical relevancy of the content the link is placed within.

Not Sure What Backlinks You Have?

Understanding which links your domain currently has is imperative for establishing an effective link building strategy. Digital Next have the tools and expertise to identify weaknesses, as well as areas of opportunity in your existing link profile, which helps to increase your rankings for key areas of your site.


Good Link Building Practice

Good link building practices, as with the majority of SEO strategies, can be boiled to down to offering a good user experience. This means that links need to be topically relevant and placed on credible websites, all while offering strong SEO metrics, such as high Domain Authority. Link building, as with the strategies required to meet best practice guidelines, change frequently and require adaptive methodologies to stay effective.

Technical Backlink Audits

For most websites that enquire with us, it's a simple scenario of detoxing spam links and evening out the anchor text distribution to minimise the risk of a manual link penalty. Whatever the situation, Digital Next, as standard, undertake a full backlink audit to determine the health of your portfolio before engaging in any of our link building services.

Foundation Backlinks + NAP Consistency

Developing a Local SEO strategy is critical for businesses wanting to attract customers in their local area. It is these campaigns where NAP consistency (Name, Address, Phone) is absolutely essential and must be delivered with meticulous attention to detail. NAP consistency builds confidence with search engines that a business is who it claims to be.

Manual Outreach

Let's clear one thing up - Link building is not dead. In fact, it's never been stronger! To be successful, your website needs to develop a portfolio of quality backlinks that will increase the relevancy and authority of your website, whilst remaining authentic to algorithms. For over 8 years, we have developed an infrastructure that's suitable for both small and large organisations which allows us to consistently deliver high-quality content and rich SEO results en mass.



In an industry littered with enough SEO and link building knowledge to be dangerous, but a general lack of understanding when it comes to winning link building strategies, we appreciate finding the right SEO agency to deliver results can prove somewhat difficult. That’s why we’re proud to have achieved a 4.9-star rating on our Google My Business profile whilst delivering a service that not only has seen our clients skyrocket in SERPs, but hasn’t resulted in any penalisations to date!

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