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Based on 100+ customer reviews.

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Based on 100+ customer reviews.

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The most feature rich website design services in Melbourne.

There’s nothing worse than a web design agency that half-bakes production. That’s why, all of our website design services come feature-rich with more than you could ever have imagined.

Depending on your budget, our website design team will explain clearly what is possible and educate you on key website functionality that there should be zero compromises upon.

All of this while ensuring your website is fast, secure and retains seamless user experience throughout. Oh, we also ensure you can edit every aspect of your website too.

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WordPress Security

Each web design we launch comes secure with industry-leading WordPress security services.

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Speed Optimisation

A website that’s all show and no go is, well, a complete no go for our web development agency.

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Admin Control

Say goodbye to useless admin panels and say hello to complete freedom when editing your website.

Level up your brand.

One up your competition with a stunning web design from our experts today.

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Steven Lord, Digital Next - Digital Marketing Expert

Our web designs perfectly blend SEO, UX & CRO.

High-quality website design is powerful, there’s no doubt about that. But what may look like a beautiful web development could be built with shaky foundations or even worse, without consideration for business objectives. At Digital Next, you will work with both our SEO team and website designers to ensure that the final product meets the requirements of both Google and your customers. We ensure that your next website is your best one yet.

Discover what working with a website design agency that houses experts across SEO, CRO and UX can do to transform your digital presence.

Digital Next - Digital Marketing Agency Australia

Increase In Conversion Rate

Our web design agency is practical, logical and above all, insanely talented.

When you work with a website design agency that has an acute understanding of solid design principles, user experience, SEO optimisation and CRO, the result is an absolutely stunning website that is ready to rank and convert. Here’s how we undertake each web design project.

It starts with your website design strategy.

At the start of every website design project, our web designers will sit down with you to obtain an acute understanding of you, your business, it’s objectives and your audience. Without this, your website design may look pretty but it will lack the fundamental components required to convert traffic and support your growing demands.

This fuels your web design architecture.

Once we lock down user flows and sales funnels, this will enable our web design agency to prototype your website architecture. We will cover page structure, page hierarchy, pillar and cluster SEO, and of course, the key functionality required to deliver results. Not a single pixel is painted without agreeing on the architecture.

Then we get creative with your web design.

Starting with the most critical page on your website, the homepage, our website designers and content marketers will work with you to lock down your brand, fonts, colour palettes and tone of voice. Once the homepage is approved, we roll over to designing all other pages, of which, you have full visibility with many checkpoints for approval.

Up next, our techies do the geeky stuff.

Once all page designs have been approved, our website developers will put on their headphones, juice up on coffee and start coding your website. At this stage, you will receive regular updates and a link to your website via our staging server to view the progress. In the meantime, our content team will start helping you put together the content for each page.

Once approved, we start uploading your content.

By this stage, your content and imagery will be ready to go and we will provide you with a walk-through of the administration panel. Here, as a collective, we upload all of your assets and bug test for anything that may not be 100% right. We guarantee you’ll be super happy at this stage and ready to showcase your new website to the world!

Finally, we polish, speed up and polish once more!

As an extremely proud website design agency, we do not make habit of launching projects that are not 100% right. Before we go live, we will re-test all the functionality and make sure that we have included a good balance of both functionality and form to wow your visitors and also your internal teams.

Get your stunning website

Unleash your brands potential with a gorgeous website design today.

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Steven Lord, Digital Next - Digital Marketing Expert

But wait, there’s more. Get 50+ free premium plugins!

Digital Next partners with some of the world’s leading WordPress plugin developers which enables to deliver an entire suite of WordPress plugins totally free. Expand your website as your business grows with our 100% compatible WordPress plugins.

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Meet the web design team behind every beautiful presence

Digital Next is home to a variety of highly skilled creatives. From illustrators to CRO focussed website designers, we’re lucky to employ some of the brightest talent in Australia. Say hello to the team behind your next web design.

Meet The Team
Web Design

Emily Holmes

Digital Designer

Web Design

Steven Lord

Marketing Manager

Web Design

Sam Shepherd

Head of Content

Frequently asked questions
about bespoke website design.

As well as designing stunning websites, it is our duty to educate all of our customers on the powers of great web design. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Are cheap websites good?

Yes and no. If you are looking to have just a presence like a business card then sure, cheap website design packages are okay. However, if you are looking for your website to serve as your 24/7 salesman that never sleeps, never has a sick day and drives your business forward, then no.

At face value, a website might look great but we almost guarantee that it has missing components that could really shift the needle of your digital marketing campaigns. From simple additions such as an animated call to action button to complex functionality the makes managing your customer relations seamless, there is so much that a website can do for your business.

While we do offer cheap websites, these are also absolutely stacked with industry knowledge that only comes from an experienced website design agency. $1,000 websites from Fiverr are never going to completely lift the lid on your potential and often come littered with problems further down the line.

In a digital world, your website is your businesses single greatest asset and investing properly into this will be the best decision you will ever make. Just ask our clients.

Do you use website themes?

Depending on the business objectives, a theme-based website design may be all that is required to establish a presence. While many web design agencies use WordPress theme websites as standard practice, these do come with heavy limitations.

Firstly, the website developers who make themes code them to suit as many types of businesses as possible. Therefore, they come packed with so much functionality that is completely useless to you which causes a lot of bloating. Secondly, we often find that website design themes come with too many compromises. By the time you have manipulated a theme to the desired result, you may as well have just purchased a bespoke website design after all.

Nevertheless, while we always advise that customers purchase bespoke website designs to ensure total control over their assets, we will work with you to establish what is going to provide you with the best return on investment in both the short and long term.

What is SEO website design?

Often confused, SEO website design is simply a standard website design but with SEO at the top of mind. As a search-first digital marketing agency, all of our bespoke website designs are classified as SEO website designs. This is because we take great pride in ensuring that your website has all of the necessary foundations to proceed with a successful SEO campaign.

There is a fine balance between designing a website strictly for SEO and designing for the best user experience. Therefore, working with a digital agency that has proven talent across both facets of digital marketing is vital to ensuring that you do not receive pages that are absolutely littered with content. The last thing you want to do is to rank strongly online but totally neglect your user experience.

Do you offer website payment plans?

Yes, absolutely. All of our website design projects are broken down into payment plans with milestones. As a general rule, we typically ask for 30% of the project upfront and then split the remaining amount across the length that the project will take to complete.

In fact, should any website designer be asking for 100% of the payment upfront then you should avoid this service. Website development services should become a close relationship between both parties and therefore payment plans are the best way to ensure that both sides keep their side of the deal entact.

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