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Based on 100+ happy customers


Based on 100+ happy customers

A social media marketing agency that you'll be best friends with.

From first touch advertising to raise awareness about your business to highly strategic lead nurturing campaigns, our social media marketing agency is return-on-investment focused and hell-bent on delivering growth. Let’s become friends and do incredible things on social. Get your free social media marketing strategy today.

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Digital Next Australia - Google Search Marketing

Avg. Customer ROI with Digital Next

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Discover how our social media experts achieve insane return-on-ad-spend with your free social media advertising consultation today.

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Chandan Mogla, Digital Next - Paid Search Expert

We exploit diverse social media advertising strategies.

At Digital Next, we advocate a multitude of digital strategies when executing any digital marketing campaign with social media advertising playing a major part in this mix.

That’s why we always look to fuse Facebook’s fantastic demographic capabilities with Google’s mass-market reach to ensure that your adverts are seen at the Goldilocks moment.

Explore how our social media management agency exploits key insights to drive growth. Every campaign we deliver works towards placing each of these types of adverts over time.

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Brand Awareness Ads

Keep your brand at the top of mind with ‘always on’ engagement campaigns that softly raise awareness about your organisations value proposition.

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Prospecting Ads

Find new audiences with educational awareness about your products and services with prospecting ads that target both top and middle of the funnel.

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Behaviour Targeting

We’ll source new audiences based upon online behaviours, recent interests and key demographics. We’ll expand your reach and reduce your cost per result.

Social Media Advertising & Google Ads: Better Together

When combined, Google’s astounding market reach and Facebook’s unparalleled demographic targeting platform is a force to be reckoned with. A study from Kenshoo showed that paid audience segments, who had been exposed to paid Facebook adverts generated a 30% increase in relevancy score, a spike in average order value and a lower cost per acquisition. Discover how we blend pay-per-click advertising with social to bring these two powerhouses to your doorstep with unparalleled success.

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Google Ads & Facebook Advertising

Our social media advertising agency follows a strict philosophy.

Forget about isolated paid social media marketing activities. This simply does not work. With every campaign, our paid social media services will promote your business at all stages of the funnel and abide by our strict philosophy of logical growth. We create your foundations, tackling the quickest wins first, and then expand your market reach through tactful and considered campaigns. Discover how our social media advertising agency drives consistent results.

1. It starts with your strategy and paid social funnel.

All paid social advertising begins with generating a mutual understanding of your business objectives, your customers, what they respond to and your brand. From this, we work with you to architect a paid social funnel that captures potential customers at all stages of the buying process. Without this, your paid social media marketing is completely blinded.

2. Next up, holistic tracking and audience creation.

As part of our pre-flight checklist, we will guarantee that all of your social media marketing can be tracked and reported upon holistically through Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. We install tracking codes, create audiences and start monitoring your website visitors as early as possible to ensure that we have audience pools that are large enough to immediately drive revenue. Only the best social media marketing agencies in Melbourne put data first.

3. Then, our designers create your first adverts.

Typically starting with the bottom of the funnel audiences, we will get to work creating assets for your social media advertising campaigns that align with your brand, tone of voice and mission. By starting with remarketing audiences (in particular when you are running Google Ads remarketing campaigns), we can immediately drive results through capturing almost ready to convert website traffic through social. From here, you will continue to work with our designers on a monthly basis to continue growing your pool of design assets and expand your social campaigns.

4. Up next, we propel your market share.

Once you have established a baseline of activity, our social media management team will work with you to expand your campaign mix. Exploiting campaigns covering first-touch, second-touch and third-touch traffic, we will continue to build upon your initial foundations each month to gradually expand your reach. All of this comes with close control over your advertising spend to ensure that we maintain a healthy return on investment throughout each campaign.

5. All of this while providing insights and reports.

No successful social media marketing ads are complete without holistic, transparent and well-considered insights. Our social advertising experts will work with you to establish what data is important for your business and ensure that this is provided with clear and tangible actions to grow your business. We work with a variety of tracking software and data aggregators to ensure that all major insights are accessible with the click of a button.

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Discover how our social media experts achieve insane return-on-ad-spend with your free social media advertising consultation today.

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Chandan Mogla, Digital Next - Paid Search Expert

Say hello to our paid social media marketing experts!

Comprising of talented designers, devilishly incredible strategists, cunning content writers and insanely brilliant implementors, we have a team of social media advertising experts that you’ll be best friends with. Say hello to some of our socialites below!

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Frequently asked social media marketing questions

Anybody can launch social media advertising campaigns. But not everybody can successfully generate results from paid social. Learn more about some of the most pressing questions we receive about social media advertising services below.

Is social media marketing effective?

Make no mistake. Paid social media advertising can be extremely effective. But only when considered and executed professionally. Nearly all businesses will see benefits from social media advertising, however, understanding your audience is absolutely critical to achieving superb results.

Too often, we see strictly B2B businesses scratching their heads at why their Instagram adverts are not converting. Instagram is a predominantly B2C audience and the browsing behaviour when using Instagram is of a non-purchasing mindset. For businesses like this, LinkedIn would be the far superior platform.

There are 3 primary objectives with social media advertising services. Brand awareness, lead nurturing and return on investment. To be extremely effective with social media advertising, your business should be working towards all 3 outcomes. Not everything is about immediately generating a return on investment and while this is possible with most campaigns, you must consider that social media advertising services are not directly responding to an immediate consumer need. They are pushing an agenda and therefore nurturing is critical.

How much does social media advertising cost?

There are 2 to 3 associated costs with social media advertising and each social advertising agency works differently. Some social media agencies charge only for management time, whereas others will also invoice you for your advertising spend too. To be frank, any social media services invoicing for your advertising spend should be avoided. This gets paid to Facebook or LinkedIn directly and there is no need for the agency to invoice you for those fees.

When it comes to how much social media advertising costs, you will receive varied quotes and pricing. As a general rule, there is the management time for the agency, the direct cost of advertising on social media and any design work required to deliver the campaigns.

Typically, you will be looking at anywhere in the region of $1,000 to $3,000 per month for any agency to manage the campaigns for you. From here, you can then define your own budget for direct advertising costs and choose to either create your adverts in-house or outsource.

At Digital Next, we operate on a time and materials basis via a fixed management fee. This means that from month to month we allocate your budget to where your campaigns need it most. Starting with creative and performance tracking, your first month is dedicated to generating exciting adverts and supporting copy alongside making sure we can report back to you with your return on investment. Then, as the weeks progress, we agree with you upon where your management time is going to be best allocated and work towards strict deliverables each month.

The second and third months might be purely optimisation work and the fourth month may require more creative work. Whatever is going to continue to shift the needle is where that budget is spent.

Why are you the best social media management agency?

If you are looking for an agency to manage your organic social media and curate daily content marketing, that is not for us. However, for businesses looking to drive revenue through targeted social media advertising that closes the loop on existing audiences, finds new audiences that you have never considered and presents your brand in the best light possible, we would consider ourselves one of the best social media advertising agencies around.

Social media is not a one and done marketing channel. Too often we get asked to launch isolated social media marketing campaigns, where the brand has never utilised social media before. Simply put, this is just a waste of your money. Social media advertising is a channel that requires nurturing, consistency and above all, an understanding of good marketing principles. Unlike SEO which places more weight on algorithms, social media advertising must consider both psychology and sociology, (without forgetting algorithms). Without understanding these 2 critical factors, your campaigns are wasted.

Starting with your foundations, we absolutely nail your tracking, sales funnel, landing page content and creative assets. Then, we target the warmest of leads and establish a baseline of activity with smart remarketing campaigns that immediately drive conversions. Once you have a strong foundation of remarketing activities we turn our attentions to prospective audiences and define campaign after campaign that hits home with a variety of demographics. Now that you have many campaigns firing a strong return on investment, we can then look towards expanding your reach with campaigns that are not ROI driven but play a huge part in increasing your market share. It’s a logical and established process that works for businesses of varied verticals.

Throughout this process we educate stakeholders, consistently provide recommendations to improve conversion rates and design absolutely stunning creative that encapsulates your brand. We report on both the good and the bad and champion holistic marketing solutions that seamlessly blend with your other digital marketing endeavours.

Discover how social media advertising should be by calling us on 03 9699 4585 to discuss your next campaigns.

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