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Based on 100+ happy customers


Based on 100+ happy customers

Not your average content marketing agency.

Content is more than just words on a page. Content is the fuel that powers your campaign. The brush that paints the picture of your brand. The heart and soul of digital marketing. At Digital Next, we understand the power the right words have in the online space. Heck, we’ve written enough of them!

Discover how our content marketing agency delivers outstanding growth with your free content strategy today.

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Our content marketing services are seriously diverse.

Content marketing involves creating engaging, optimised and easily accessible content for a targeted audience. It is a vital cog in the marketing machine that turns leads into customers, expands your business base and boosts your Google ranking through the magic of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Our content marketing services are tailored to suit the needs and goals of your business. Whether you need to optimise your website, generate leads, build high-quality links or simply create blogs – Digital Next can help.

You can take advantage of just one of these services, or opt for a bundle by choosing one of our content marketing packages. However, the best results come from content marketing services that are intertwined and cohesively work towards your wider business objectives. Explore our range of services below.

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Guest Posts

Writing high-quality articles to acquire backlinks to your website, our content marketing experts have been published on some insanely credible websites.

Guest Posting
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Curated Links

Cleverly weaving smart content into pre-existing articles on high-quality website to acquire strong domain authority, we expand traffic-driving content to deliver brand mentions for your business.

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Blog Management

Become a thought leader with Australian blog management services that fuse the very best principles of both user experience and SEO.

Blog Management

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Discover what content marketing could do for your business with your free 30 minute consultation. Enquire now.

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Brihony Tulloch, Digital Next - Content Marketing Expert

We're a content agency that focusses on ROI

Foremost as a digital marketing agency, our content marketing experts are well-versed with how content plays part in driving return-on-investment outcomes. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of mission-driven content over unnecessary drivel. Here’s how we typically manage our content marketing process.

It starts with getting to know you.

After sitting with you to discuss your business and gain a better understanding of your goals, we will provide you with a keyword plan that has been created to provide you with the most value over time. Intertwined with your overall SEO strategy, our content marketing services aim to support your overall goals, not work against them.

Up next, your calendar full of click-worthy topics.

Once we have a keyword plan and a strong understanding of your preferred direction, our team will create a content calendar designed to offer you insights into what your monthly content marketing will look like for the next 4-6 months. From long-form articles to brief snippets, our content agency delivers a completely holistic service.

Now, time to spray some synonyms

Once your content calendar has been approved, our content marketing experts will get to work churning out high-quality articles for your website. We’ve mastered the art of writing for both SEO value and user experience. So, you can rest easy knowing your content will not be littered with sheer SEO spam.

Then, we edit and optimise for SEO

The moment your content has been approved, briefed, written & returned, our editors will provide additional editing and SEO optimisation services to ensure that your content meets our high standards for quality. As we said, we write for users first and then for Google last. We mean it when we say there’s no SEO spam around here.

Before seeking approval and uploading.

When you choose Digital Next Australia as your content marketing agency, you have the option to be as involved as you would prefer. Whether you want to look over each piece of content prior to publication or simply prefer we handle the entire process, we will ensure that your blogs are published as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Once you are totally happy, we will upload your content or provide you with a guide to do so yourselves.

Ready to grow?

Discover what content marketing could do for your business with your free 30 minute consultation. Enquire now.

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Brihony Tulloch, Digital Next - Content Marketing Expert

Meet our content marketing experts and incredible wordsmiths!

Home to a variety of highly skilled writers from various backgrounds, we’re lucky to employ some of the brightest content marketing experts in Australia. Say hello to the team behind all future pronouns and synonyms below.

Meet The Team

Frequently asked questions
about content marketing

Questions about our content marketing services? Explore our shortlist of some of the most frequently asked questions our content marketing agency is asked.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

The simple answer to this question is – content marketing is amazing. Content will benefit your business on multiple levels. With the right content marketing services, you can build trust with your audience, generate leads and connect with customers. But there’s also a science behind these words on a page.

At Digital Next, we know SEO like the back of our hands. Our team of experienced writers know how to create data-driven, optimised content that caters to even the most complex algorithms. In short, content marketing is a vital part of the business profit puzzle.

Can you develop a content strategy?

Absolutely! At Digital Next, we get that not every business is going to be well-versed in the world of content marketing. When you work with a content agency like us, we’ll take the time to understand the workings of your business and your goals and develop a content strategy based on this information. Drawing upon years of experience in the digital space, our content team has the knowledge to build a strategy that best serves you and your business.

What does content writing include?

As we mentioned, Digital Next is a full service content marketing agency, meaning we offer a full suite of content services, including:

  • Creating, editing and publishing outreach articles.
  • Building curated links
  • Developing monthly blogs for your website
  • On-page content development and optimisation
  • Web content editing and revision
  • Foundation linking and directory listings
  • Prospect sourcing and placements.

No matter which content service you select, we’ll take care of everything from beginning to end: creating, editing and publishing to content to work its sweet SEO magic.

Do you offer content marketing packages?

Yes – we’re so glad you asked! We recently launched a range of SEO blog writing packages tailored specifically for businesses that know the importance of good content marketing but are short for time. Whatever your business needs or digital marketing goals, we have a tailored content marketing solution to suit you.

There’s The Pebble, The Stone and The Monolith, all tailor-made to bring the best value to small, medium and large businesses for the best price. Want to know more? Visit our SEO Blog packages page. Or if you prefer to chat about it one on one, simply hit the contact us button above.

Still have questions?

No sweat! Click the button below to contact us or call directly on +61 (03) 9699 4585

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