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5 Reasons Why Video Content Marketing Is So Important for SEO

Video Content marketing is an essential component of both engaging your target audience, and bolstering brand awareness online. Even with all the technical aspects of SEO, there’s simply no denying that content is the lifeblood of both website and search engine optimisation. Nowadays, one of the most effective methods of creating content that’s perfect for […]

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Benefits Of Google Shopping Ads: 12 Huge Benefits

Last Updated: 29th January 2022 With so many digital marketing channels to choose from, Google Shopping might initially present as the most expensive channel. But don’t go to sleep on this real estate (even if it’s littered with competition). Here are 12 benefits of Google Shopping Ads that you may not have considered. If you are not advertising […]

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Customer Acquisition Vs Retention: Which Is Best?

When comparing customer acquisition vs retention, the short and sweet answer is that prioritising acquiring new customers is best for growth. However, the long-winded (yet exciting) answer begins with this statement: you absolutely need both to scale up any business. Join us as we explain the significant differences between customer acquisition and retention in this […]

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How To Get More Reviews On Google? (+ Improve Rating)

Wondering how to get more Google reviews? No problem! Here’s everything you need to know about how to increase Google reviews and also improve your star rating too. Scroll down and start collecting more Google reviews today. When you understand the benefits of Google reviews, you quickly begin to understand the importance of continuously acquiring new […]

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On-Page SEO Hygiene Checklist: Total Hygiene [INFOGRAPHIC]

SEO is a two-way street. You put the effort into perfecting your website and get rewarded for this investment of time. Whilst a monthly on-page SEO checklist is seldom a ‘pressing matter’ for most businesses, on-page SEO cleansing plays a pivotal role in protecting your search engine visibility. It has the power to gain uplifts of over […]

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