Let’s not be in denial here, the 90s ended 2 decades ago. Whilst the mother of some of life’s great wonders – Pokémon on VHS, Tamagotchis & The Macarena to name a few – you cannot deny that there are just some things about the 90s that should honestly best left on the Wayback Machine. Take the bowl haircut, Clippy, and just generally god-awful outdated website design as some charmingly regrettable examples. ????

From keeping up with the latest design trends to ensuring that your website serves each visitor with the information they seek, if you are serious about utilising digital marketing as a lead generation channel, your business has an obligation to remain informed. If you’re looking to revive the once-thriving presence of old, oh boy, do we have just the tips for you. Discover whether you have an outdated website design that’s in serious need of some TLC.