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Based on 100+ customer reviews.

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Squeeze the most out of your advertising with high-converting landing pages.

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Emily Holmes, Digital Next - Digital Designer

We design landing pages with a single minded proposition.

Many digital marketing campaigns fail because the final destination page that the user interacts with neglects to reinforce key campaign-specific messaging. You have an incredible advert and then try to provide too much information on the landing page design.

At Digital Next, we believe that all pages on your website should endorse a single-minded proposition. What brought your visitors to this page, what are their objectives and what do they need?

By answering this, we can ensure that the landing page designs we deliver are mission-centric and ready to seal the deal; no matter which traffic source the user originated from.

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Hero Message

Our content team will define a hero message that cleverly encompasses what you do, why you are different and your unique selling point. This is vital for converting traffic.

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Prominent CTAs

We make sure that your key call to action is prominent throughout the users’ journey down the page. We find smarter ways for customers to engage with your business.

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SMP Focussed

Just like in advertising, your landing pages must have a single-minded proposition. That way, we can ensure your landing page matches the intent of your audience precisely.

We design landing pages with a strict philosophy.

At Digital Next, we do not create landing page designs for the sake of things. Our philosophy when it comes to all things website design boils down to purpose. What is the purpose of this activity or this feature and why are we doing this? By answering these questions at the earliest stage of your landing page design, we can ensure that we get as close as possible to the best version of your design, the first time around.

Landing Page Design Australia

We'll also give you access to 50+ premium plugins for free!

For every landing page design we make for your business on WordPress, we will gift you with 50+ free premium plugins. Partnering with some of the world’s leading plugin developers, you can enjoy total scalability without any additional cost!

Landing pages are the perfect match for Google Ads.

As a major component of Google Ads Management, PPC landing page designs are a strong recommendation. Why? Because they are a match made in heaven. By developing a PPC landing page design that solely talks to your users search intent, you can reduce your cost per click, increase your adverts quality score and reduce your cost per lead all at the same time. Discover what a single page could do for your Google Ads campaigns today.

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Emily Holmes, Digital Next - Digital Designer

Say hello to our team of expert landing page designers

Home to a variety of highly skilled creatives, the team at Digital Next has decades of experience across web design, SEO, CRO and Google Ads. We’re lucky to employ some of the brightest talents across Australia. Say hello to the team behind your next landing page design.

Meet The Team
Landing Page Design

Emily Holmes

Digital Designer

Landing Page Design

Steven Lord

Marketing Manager

Landing Page Design

Sam Shepherd

Head of Content

Frequently asked questions about
landing page designs

As well as designing stunning landing pages, it is our duty to educate all of our customers on what makes for a fantastic landing page design. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about high-converting landing pages

What is a landing page design?

A landing page design is just like any other page design on your website except with one vital difference – it is designed specifically for users to land on and convert into customers. Unlike a page such as your ‘About Us’ page, a landing page design has the sole intent of converting traffic.

To be frank, any good website design agency will design each and every one of your pages to be landing page designs, however, this is not always the case. Therefore, instead of redesigning your whole website, you can build a few isolated pages that compliment your digital marketing campaigns and keep your conversion rate as high as possible.

Are your landing pages mobile responsive?

Yes, absolutely. We live in a mobile-first world and each landing page design takes into consideration both the desktop and mobile experience. When designing landing pages, we may opt to remove certain content from your visitors mobile experience should that not be necessary to briefly wow your audience.

In addition, we are huge fans of ensuring each landing page design comes with a sticky call to action that follows your visitors down the page at the very bottom of mobile devices. Speak with our landing page experts to discuss how we can transform your digital marketing campaign into a compelling experience today.

How much does a landing page cost?

Just like most things in digital, the cost of landing page designs will vary depending on your objectives. As a ballpark, a basic landing page design will cost a minimum of $1,500 + GST and slowly go upwards with added features.

The good news is that when you choose Digital Next for your next landing page, we will ensure that this page can be easily duplicated and repurposed to make new landing pages from the same framework. Once we get the framework right, there is no reason why these cannot be re-written with new images to look like an entirely new page altogether.

Do I need to buy a new domain name?

No, you do not need a new domain name. If you are using a CMS such as WordPress, we will build the landing page directly into your existing set of pages. This will come with different fields to the other pages that you can edit with ease. Some businesses do decide to buy a subdomain for landing pages, however, it is much simpler to track performance when the landing page resides on the same domain name.

Can I change my landing page design?

Yes, absolutely. Each high-converting landing page design from Digital Next comes with full flexibility to edit the content and images at your own leisure. We are huge advocates of complete transparency and this trickles down all the way to everything that we develop for your website. Our team will show you how to edit the key components of your landing page and also show you how to duplicate the page to make new landing pages at your own leisure.

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