What Are SEO Deep Links?

Link building is an incredibly effective strategy for producing effective SEO but within this strategy, there are tactics and best practice guidelines to ensure the most is made from the time invested. This blog will detail why not all links should be directed to the homepage and the theory behind deep linking. Deep links are linking to an alternative page to the homepage. The homepage will usually discuss the business in a broad sense and not delve into too much detail about specific services or products. Deep links offer an opportunity to promote the product and service pages to Google and to webmasters looking for detailed resources to link towards.

What Purpose to Deep Links Serve

1. Usability

SEO is increasingly becoming about user experience and usability. In order to impress Google we must first impress our audience. Deep links offer more valuable and detailed content that will better serve your users, therefore providing positive engagement metrics. This also offers greater usability and is solely beneficial for SEO when included in your strategy, and arguably a more important outcome for repeat business!

2. Link Profile

It is incredibly important not to get too focussed on individual links but instead take a more holistic view of your site’s link profile. Deep links offer the opportunity to diversify the pages within your site that are being linked to. A natural and organic link profile will have a spread of links across all valuable pages, not just the homepage.

3. Traffic

It is not always possible to include every page in the top navigation, or even sub-navs of a website. Some websites have a LOT of pages and some of those pages serve quite a specific, yet important purpose to a small but valuable segment of the audience. This page may not be worth a link in the navigation but it’s certainly worth promoting in specific communities and on relevant websites. This generates relevant traffic and also rankings!

4. Rankings

Let’s not beat around the bush – we all want to see our sites as high up on Google for as many valuable keywords as possible. This is why we do SEO and why we obsess over every minor detail. One of these details, and hugely important one, is long-tail search terms. In order to win traffic from these searches, we need to link to pages that include these search terms or similar phrases. The homepage will generally not include enough content or precision within the content to compete, therefore deep links are once again the way to go.

Understanding Your Deep Links

In order to effectively manage your deep links, you need to understand your existing link profile. Using tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, we can assess each subpage of a site to determine:

– The number of links to each sub-page
– The anchor text used for each link
– The visibility of these pages on search engines

With these tools, you can begin to build a strategy by looking at which pages are currently under optimised and which pages are potentially over optimised. You’ll want to look at the anchor text ratio across the domain and ensure that you are not considered spammy by Google.


For more information on deep links and how to actually build these links, refer to our link building page or reach out to one of our SEO consultants for a free consultation.

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