Seeking to remain on the button with your website and looking for the best WordPress blogs to follow in 2019? In this article, we explore both old and new WordPress blogs that deliver powerful content to assist website owners, just like you, to achieve sustainable growth.

Before we begin, did you know that approximately 75 million websites are built on WordPress? This means that every time you click on a website, there is a 28% chance that it is running on a WordPress platform.

We think that is pretty amazing!


The Best WordPress Blogs To Follow:

1. WordPress.Org Blog

Obviously, WordPress’s own blog is an absolute no brainer and one that you should turn to for security, updates and information regarding the core of WordPress. After all, who would have more information on this platform than WordPress itself? This blog will announce any updates to the platform as well as related gatherings and events for WordPress owners. If there is only one blog that you have time for, this is the one.

2. WP Tavern

WP Tavern is a blog that covers the majority of general news related to WordPress. Examples of coverage include tech acquisitions, product updates, and useful articles that will help any WordPress user in expanding their website. If you’re interested in news about companies and products that are related to WordPress, this is definitely a website to keep your eye on.

3. WPMU Dev

WPMU Dev is one of our favourites – (Yes, we are good friends with the owner but he doesn’t write the blogs!). WPMU, besides a wealth of awesome plugins for your website, delivers a highly useful blog that covers a variety of topics on running a successful WordPress website from design to WordPress SEO. This website is loaded with tips, tools and practices that you should follow if you want to get the best out of your blog or business website.

4. WPBeginner

WPBeginner is a fantastic resource for anyone who is new to WordPress – (Duh, it’s in the name). However, with that said, this blog also provides information that is beneficial to long term WordPress users who have a tad more tech up their sleeve. Some of the topics covered are tips on finding the best themes, WP Security and key information you should know when setting up your website on WordPress.

5. Torque

Torque, a comprehensive blog that is home to content for web developers, website owners and WordPress beginners, hosts some of the most comprehensive plug-ins discussions, best WordPress themes, news and articles on how you can utilise WP to get better results.

6. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a site that provides awesome themes and plugins to WP users, and their blog focuses on topics relevant to that. There are many examples of people who use WP for inspiration, and people who provide advice on how to do things differently with your website. There are also a number of tips on running a successful website, so don’t give this one a miss.

7. Chris Lema

Chris Lema is an expert in WordPress and provides valuable marketing advice for businesses who use the platform. If your preference is a single expert over a company, we’d strongly recommend Chris. Chris also provides WP specific tips and practices that you should partake in for a successful WordPress website.

8. Wpeka

Wpeka is a website that provides WordPress tutorials, themes, useful plug-ins and products, and interviews with WordPress experts. This is a great website for those who are new to WordPress and need guided posts on how to go about setting up your website.

9. Lady WordPress

Lady WordPress is a great blog that offers the public helpful advice for both blogging and marketing. The owner also takes the time to share her advice on how you can use WordPress effectively through handy tutorials and detailed articles. Out of all the single operated WordPress blogs, Lady WordPress is by far our favourite.


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