5 Of The Best WordPress Plugins To Up Your SEO Game In 2017

Not to subscribe to the yawn-worthy cliche of “New Year, New Beginnings”, but 2017 can definitely be a brand new start or rejuvenation of your website’s SEO game, the tactics behind improving your search visibility and how well you rank on Google’s indexes. If you already have a WordPress website but are keen on stepping up on your SEO game, here are 5 of the best WordPress plugins that you will want to install to further propel your SEO power.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast is one of, if not the most downloaded plugin on WordPress today – and all for great reason too. Yoast is the comprehensive solution for all your SEO needs. Via Yoast, you are able to add SEO titles to your posts, along with meta descriptions and keywords to all the posts or blogs you publish on your website. Yoast will also give you a rating on whether your post ranks well for SEO, or if you need to change things to alter your writing in order to improve the SEO. Yoast is also handy as it pings search engines whenever you update your website.

2.  SEMrush

SEMRush is a kickass tool that a ton of professionals utilise to gather analytics and insights. Not of their own, however, but of their competitors! This helps to help improve their own SEO, as SEMrush helps you learn the organic keywords you should aim to rank for and finds good sources to acquire backlinks from. SEMrush also helps you gather insight into your competitor’s advertising strategies. In our opinion, this is a plugin that anyone who is serious about SEO should be downloading as it can, and will, provide an enormous wealth of data for you and your team.


3. Google Keyword Planner

Google knows best when it comes to identifying the search terms and keywords people are using on a daily basis. This is why Google Keyword Planner is an essential plugin for any website that wants to up their SEO game. Google Keyword Planner is a free plugin that shows advertisers the keywords that they can bid on for advertising campaigns. Google Keyword Planner also helps you filter and choose the correct keywords to use in your posts by showing you an estimate of search volume, number of results, and difficulty level for different keywords and terms. 

4. WP Social SEO Booster

Social optimisation is crucial these days as we all know that search engines such as Google use social signals as one of the main factors when deciding on search results. If your website gets a high number of mentions and shares on social media sites, your site is more likely to rank better in search results. Though WordPress SEO by Yoast already does come with the social optimisation option, the WP Social SEO Booster plugin is a much more comprehensive plugin when it comes to social optimisation. WP Social SEO Booster automatically implements Rich Snippets Tagging for all of your Content, and the best part of it all is that it is a free plugin which works hand in hand with plugins such as Yoast.

5. SEO Friendly Images

Not many are aware of this, but optimising the images on your website can increase the traffic to your site to a huge extent. SEO Friendly Images is a very simple plugin that optimises imagery on your site by inserting proper ALT and TITLE attributes for search engines to read. It is pretty important to have proper taggings with all the images you use on your site or blog because not using tags it will weaken the overall quality of your page. Image search on Google is one of the biggest search factors with billions of people searching for images on a daily basis, so why not make the best use of your images with this handy plugin.

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