Social Media

10 LinkedIn Profile Must Haves!

By now we all know what LinkedIn is – it’s the Facebook for professional individuals. It is a must have and is exceptionally crucial in todays world to have a well organised and sorted out LinkedIn profile page if you are serious about climbing that career ladder. LinkedIn is the hottest online hang out where people from all …

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Social Media Usage In Australia | 2015 Round Up [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 2015 Social Media Usage Report conducted by Sensis is one hefty piece, detailing the who, what, when, where, why and how social media is being used in Australia from multiple angles. It was such a brilliant resource we couldn’t help but comb through the report and pull out the most useful and current statistics …

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The History Of The Meme [INFOGRAPHIC]

“First things first, let’s get the pronunciation of the word ‘meme’ correct.”  As is predictable with a term that’s inherently digitally-based, the pronunciation can be easy to confuse. Phonetically sounded out as ‘m-eem’, this seemingly simple creation is often the cause of tears down our cheeks and stitches in our sides. Memes can be an …

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