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Benefits of Monthly SEO Blog Management Services.

With blog management at the core, content marketing, no matter what scale, is a peculiar tightrope act. Firstly, you want to captivate readers with language that touches the soul while also inspiring them to care as much about your work as you do. However, you also need your content to align with search engines.

So, how do you achieve personal flair while still hitting best practices SEO content writing guidelines? That’s where our team of Australian blog management experts thrive. We have mastered the art of delivering blog writing services that deliver value to both your brand and your presence on Google.

If you think that blogging each month is too much hard work for little reward, here are 6 reasons why professional blog management services are worth exploring.

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1. Increase Authority.

Search engines & readers love informative content. If you are looking to be an authority on Google and within your industry, buying blog articles is a great place to start.

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2. Gain New Backlinks.

Want people to link to your websites? Well, it’s time to start producing content. High-quality on-site blogs are a perfect way to get new clicks, links & eyes on your brand.

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3. Build Rapport.

The internet is full of just one-way conversations. Through regular monthly blogging, you can start to build a rapport with your audience. One where you control the narrative.

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Each article we write follows a strict and logical process.

From mapping your content and keyword strategy to providing competitor analysis and industry insights, each article we write is carefully crafted. This is what separates our blog writing services apart from many other agencies that get straight into the writing. Here’s how our typical blog writing process works.

Step 1: It starts with keyword research.

After discussing your business objectives to gain a better understanding of your goals, we will provide you with a keyword plan that aligns with providing you with the most long-term value from the blog articles that we write. Intertwined with your overall SEO strategy, our blog management services will compliment your overall goals; not work against them.

Step 2: Next, we craft click-worthy topics and blog titles.

Once we have a keyword plan and a strong understanding of your preferred direction, our team will create a content plan that is designed to offer you insights into what your monthly blog writing service will look like for the next 4-6 months. From long-form articles to brief snippets, we provide a holistic SEO blog management service.

Step 3: Then, our writers produce share-worthy content.

Once your content calendar has been approved, our team of blog writing experts will get to work churning out high-quality articles for your website. We have mastered the art of writing for both SEO value and also user experience. So, you can rest easy knowing that your content will not be littered with SEO spam.

Step 4: Next, we optimise for best practice SEO.

Once your content has been, briefed, written & returned, our editors will provide additional editing and SEO blog optimisation services to ensure that your content is of the utmost quality. As we said, we write for users first and then for Google last. We mean it when we say there’s no SEO spam around here.

Step 5: Finally, we seek your approval and upload.

When you choose Digital Next as your SEO blog agency, you choose as much or as little involvement as you wish. Whether you want to look over each piece of content prior to publication or simply want us to handle the entire process, we will ensure that your blogs are published on time and with quality. Once you are totally happy, we will upload your content or provide you with a guide to do so yourselves.

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Meet the people behind every sentence on this page.

Naturally, when you sign up with a blog agency, you are paying for the expertise of those involved. So, meet the team you’ll be working with and get to know the faces behind the unending streams of beautifully optimised text.

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At Digital Next, we strongly believe that to write the best blog articles, your business should be matched closely with a writer who understands your industry. Housing writers with various backgrounds including PR professionals, SEO copywriters and journalists, content marketing is the backbone of everything we deliver and we’re ready to deliver for you. Get your free blog management strategy.

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Monthly Blog Management

Frequently asked questions.

If you are new to SEO blog management, chances are your head will be completely jammed with important questions. To help, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about our services below.

What is blog management?

Blog management is the process of managing a blog. A blog is a type of website (or a section on a website) that consists mostly of articles, typically on a particular subject, called posts. Users can submit articles and other content to be posted for public viewing and good blogs are usually updated regularly with new posts.

Blog writing services in Australia often come with varying levels of blog management. Some blog agencies will simply write the content for you to upload and manage while others will partially manage your blog by uploading content on your behalf. At Digital Next, we provide holistic full blog management services that ensure your content is compelling, the articles go live on time and each sentence is optimised to rank on Google too.

Blog management may also refer to the tools used for blogging specifically as well as the general concept. In order to manage blogs effectively, there are some key steps that need to be taken. These include organizing, publishing and promoting your blog posts properly in order to attract readership. Truthfully, managing your blog is best left to professional blog management companies given the time it takes to learn how to rank content on Google alongside actually writing and managing the content.

What are the benefits of blogging?

Blogging regularly has many benefits for your business. From naturally gaining more traffic through Google, by offering informative content, to having plenty of material to share via social media, the possibilities are endless.

Primarily, Digital Next will focus on the SEO benefits you get from blogging. However, by working closely with our team, we can also explore other benefits such as ensuring that your content is highly shareable across social media. Here, we will look at infographics, design creative and more.

To find out more about why you should spend on blog management services, checkout this short guide below.

Learn More: Benefits Of Blogging – Why Blog?

How often should you blog for business?

The number of times you should blog each month will vary from business to business. As a general rule of thumb, you should benchmark blogging once per week as a minimum. However, for some industries, there is just so much to write about that blogging once per day is also easily achievable.

When deciding upon how often you should blog, take into consideration the traffic you can obtain from Google for each article, the share-worthiness of the content and also whether you can recycle this content for other purposes too.

If you are going to be writing long-form blog articles of at least 2,000 words in length, chances are you cannot blog every single day without a serious loss of quality. Therefore, finding the balance between your content types and frequency is the best approach. That said, regardless of whether you are an SEO professional or not, the more you blog, the greater chance you have of your content being found. It’s a numbers game with a strong focus on quality.

By working with a professional blog writing company such as Digital Next, we will be able to determine a regular blog calendar for your business that encapsulates a variety of different articles. Through outsourcing your blog management you can focus on your business while we handle keeping your users informed regularly.

Speak with our blog writing experts today and never run out of shareworthy content that also ranks on Google ever again. Call us now on +61 (03) 9699 4585 for your free content calendar.

How long does blog writing take?

Whilst the process of writing website content can vary depending on the industry, complexity of the topic, and a number of other relevant factors, our team works on a monthly deadline with work starting and finishing within that month. So, whether you’re here for blog management, link building, on-page SEO, or a mix of multiple services, we will still endeavour to have all work completed within the month it is ordered for.

Can you write long form content?

Each of our writers is an established copywriter in their own right, and we prioritise those with journalistic backgrounds when it comes to choosing our team. Therefore, the answer is yes; we can provide long-form content.

Can you write for any industry?

Whether it’s writing content for interior design businesses or providing content writing services for legal and educational websites, our team has the research skills, experience and adaptability to provide consistently outstanding articles. We have been published across some of Australia’s major media outlets and we just absolutely love crafting compelling content.

Before a single sentence is written, we will establish and mutually agree upon a clear content brief for your monthly blog articles. Here, we can iron out your tone of voice, industry understanding and obtain clear guidelines on what we can and cannot say.

With that said, if either party feels that your own expertise will be required to properly provide value to a complex topic, we prefer to work with you wherever possible to ensure that your authority shines through your on-site content.

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