A well-crafted blog should engage both your audience and Google. Let us help you shape the voice of your brand in a meaningful, results-driven way. We create content that will not only impress your audience but will have tangible effects on Search Engines.

Do Blogs Really Matter?

Blogging is a key component of any healthy digital marketing mix. It allows you to reach your audience across numerous platforms in a measured, calculated manner. Having the ability to directly speak to your audience through targeted emails, social audiences and Google can make drastic differences to the shape and direction of your sales funnel.

What's Considered A Good Blog?

Meaningful content with clear objectives and desired outcomes. Engagement from your audience and from Google. A tone that inspires action and creates an air of authority. Value for your readers. Content calendars, consistency, and cut-through. Images, integrity and inbound leads.


Importance Of A Blog Strategy

Blogging is an influential tool to capture, engage, and convert an audience. With an effective blogging strategy, you will be able to answer your audience's questions, increase the number of inbound links, create additional marketing material for other channels, and help funnel traffic through to your websites key service pages. This can all be achieved if your blog is thoughtfully planned and implemented with an objective in mind for each individual stage of the process. At Digital Next, we take great pride in our content being consistently well-written, optimised, and shareable. Collaborating with our team of experienced copywriting specialists, we quickly become an extension of your brand's voice and seamlessly integrate into your existing marketing mix.

Content Calendar Generation

Planning content ahead of time keeps your blog on track and the content relevant. Digital Next create content calendars that help brands understand what topics are in demand at what time of the year, and what the best format is to reach your audience.

SEO Keyword Strategy

One of the most important components in a blog is search engine visibility. Having a strong organic presence for your blog can make a big difference to the number of leads an enquiries you acquire. In order to achieve visibility, a keyword strategy must be put in place across the content calendar, as well as for each individual blog.

Pillar & Cluster Content

The way search engines evaluate content has changed. With this change, business need to adapt the structure of their content, especially if the primary objective is increased organic traffic. Pillar and cluster content allows for a greater depth of coverage across topics; with a main summary piece as the pillar and more specific pieces as the clusters. This creates a better UX, as well as more appropriate information architecture.


In an industry littered with enough knowledge to be dangerous, but a lack of understanding when it comes to winning strategies, we understand that it can be difficult to choose the right SEO agency to deliver results. That’s why we’re proud to have achieved a 4.9-star rating on our Google My Business profile whilst continuing to deliver a service that surpasses industry norms. Take a look at some of our current SEO clients that are reaping the rewards of loyalty to our brand.

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