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Based on 100+ happy customers


Based on 100+ happy customers

WordPress Web Development Services
Latest WordPress Designs
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Our WordPress web designs are absolutely stacked.

Packed with all the tools you need to grow and maintain your website, our WordPress website development services come fully loaded with everything you could ever need to grow.

From mapping vital on-page SEO best practices to providing unique features such as exit popups, we do not let a website leave our workshop until it’s ready to rank and convert.

All of this while ensuring your website is fast, secure and retains seamless user experience throughout. Oh, we also ensure you can edit every aspect of your website.

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WordPress Security

Each WordPress website we design gets integrated with industry-leading WordPress security services.

WordPress Security
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Speed Optimisation

As Australia’s leading SEO agency, there’s no such thing as a slow WordPress website at Digital Next.

Speed Up WordPress
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Admin Control

We go that extra mile to ensure that you can modify absolutely everything on your website with super clean and intuitive admin panels.

Get your stunning website.

Discover how we transform WordPress websites into business-led applications with your free 30 minute consultation today.

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Steven Lord, Digital Next - Digital Marketing Expert

Say no to cheap WordPress templates and themes.

If you’re going to invest wisely into your 24/7 digital presence then be sure to obtain a bespoke WordPress website design that caters for both you and your customers’ objectives. With the majority of companies across Australia already investing heavily into digital, can you afford to skimp out on a cheap WordPress website template that has not had a single thought spent on your mission? With a bespoke WordPress website design, you can have it your way and ensure that every pixel is purpose printed.

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Digital Next - Digital Marketing Agency Australia

Increase In Conversion Rate

Our WordPress designers are insanely talented and logical.

Through stunning creative and advanced knowledge of good design principles, SEO services and conversion rate optimisation, we transform the most hideous of digital presences into simple brilliant WordPress websites. Here’s how we go about ensuring quality delivery for every WordPress web design we do.

All good things start with a solid design strategy.

Sitting down with you and your team, every WordPress website design begins with understanding your business objectives, your customers and your brand. We thrash out potential hurdles, your wish list and educate you on what is possible with our WordPress website design services to ensure that each project is just as smooth as the next. All good things start with strategy and we are not about that change that anytime soon.

Up next, we model you website architecture and sitemap.

With a comprehensive understanding of what is going to make your WordPress web design successful, we then proceed with the architecture of your website. From user experience journey mapping to your XML sitemap, sales funnels and SEO requirements, we leave no stone unturned before a single pixel is created. At this stage, your project roadmap and deliverables are agreed upon by all parties.

Then, we design your stunning Wordpress website.

Working with our content marketing specialists and website designers, we will begin crafting your new digital presence. Locking down your brand, colour palette, font selection and key functionality are the first steps we take before proceeding with designing all pages of your WordPress website. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to review the designs and we will always provide complete visibility on progress.

Now for bucket loads of WordPress development.

The moment all of your page templates have been approved, our WordPress designers will work closely with our WordPress developers to ensure that everything we have discussed is correctly translated into bringing your website to life. Throughout this stage, you will also receive regular updates on progress and, once again, have total visibility on the progress with access to our staging servers where you can view the development.

Once approved, we start uploading your content.

By this stage, your content and imagery will also be ready to go and we will provide you with a walk-through of the administration panel. Here, as a collective, we upload all of your assets and stress test your WordPress website design for anything that may not be 100% right. We guarantee you’ll be itching to show your customers by this stage.

Before adding the final touches to your new website.

When it comes to WordPress web design services, our agency is extremely proud. As such, before anything goes live we will ensure that we re-test all of the functionality and cross-check our project brief before finalising the project. Here, we will also set you up with a professional on-page SEO foundation that covers the fundamentals required to retain and grow your rankings. Then, we smack the ‘go live’ button and stay with you for the week that following for emergencies.

Get your stunning website.

Discover how we transform WordPress websites into business-led applications with your free 30 minute consultation today.

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Steven Lord, Digital Next - Digital Marketing Expert

But there’s more. Get 50+ free WordPress plugins!

Partnering with leading WordPress plugin developers, WPMUDEV, our WordPress website developers will provide you with free access to over 50+ premium plugins. Now, you can scale your website with ease knowing that each plugin is 100% compatible with one another and comes absolutely packed with modern WordPress functionality.

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Meet your project lead and WordPress web design team.

WordPress has been at our core since the very beginning. We’re lucky to employ some of Australia’s brightest CRO focussed WordPress website designers available. Say hello to your project team below.

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Frequently asked WordPress
website design questions.

As a WordPress website design agency with decades of experience in delivering WordPress applications that drive businesses forward, we guarantee to you that there is no question that we have not been asked before. Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about WordPress below.

Are WordPress themes good?

Honestly, there is no finite answer to this question. Some WordPress themes are absolutely incredible value for money and will save you thousands. However, we will always advocate bespoke WordPress website design services due to the fact that you end up with total control over the outcomes. With WordPress themes, there is always some form of compromise. Whether that’s the bulkiness of the theme, missing functionality or a whole heap more should you choose the wrong theme.

However, depending on your budget, our WordPress agency will determine which pathway is right for your business both in the short and the long term. We have no qualms working with WordPress themes should that be the route you wish to take. A common theory is that bespoke WordPress design is overly expensive for the outcomes. The fact is, that is purely down to each agency and how honest they are about what they are about to deliver. We find that the cost of developing a bespoke WordPress website is more profitable than picking a cheap theme.

Nevertheless, your WordPress website will become your single greatest business asset and therefore investing heavily into this is always a good investment when with the right WordPress agency. When you buy cheap, you buy twice and your WordPress website development is not something you would want to have to revisit in the near future once complete.

Why are you the best WordPress agency?

First and foremost, Digital Next is a digital marketing agency and not strictly a dedicated WordPress website design agency. However, that is the reason why we are better than most. When it comes to WordPress website design, there are 3 types of agencies. Firstly, there are you out and out website designers who have minimal understanding of SEO or marketing principles. Then, there are your small digital agencies who produce theme-based WordPress websites and offer these services because it’s seen as easy money. Thirdly, there are your WordPress website developers who have little regard for design outcomes.

By working with a digital marketing agency that has in-house specialists across all of these facets, this means that we can place business objectives and lead-generation first. After all, looking great with no visibility or janky functionality is pretty useless, right? As advocates in delivering solutions that combine both function and form, whilst attracting and converting traffic, you can expect to receive a stunning WordPress web design that has the right foundations in place to grow your business.

In addition to this, when combined with our WordPress SEO Services, you can also expect to receive a website that not only looks the part and converts well but also acquires high-quality traffic. This is a combination used by many businesses looking for a WordPress web design agency that will also take their business into the future.

As the outsourced partner of choice for many Australia-based digital agencies and small businesses, our experienced team of digital designers are well-versed across all major industry verticals and strategies. With decades of experience deploying WordPress websites, we know what works and will advise you on what you should include. Our design process is extremely intense to ensure that no stone is left unturned and when it comes to WordPress website development, we keep in mind that you also may want to edit the website hassle-free yourself.

So, if you’re looking for a website that’s going to be delivered with the foundations to rank on Google, convert traffic into customers, remain stable without fault and be easy to manage for your team then speak to our WordPress designers today for your free quote.

How to backup WordPress websites?

Out of the box, WordPress does not come with backup solutions. If you are hosting your website with a reputable WordPress hosting company then they will likely have daily backups running that will completely backup your entire WordPress website. From your hosting dashboard, you will be able to one-click backup to any previous day within a range of 30-60 days.

However, if your hosting company does not provide this option, there are many other tools such as Updraft PlusVaultpress or Backup Buddy. Each of these plugins will sit within your WordPress environment and provide you with the ability to backup your website directly from your WordPress dashboard. Remember, when running backups you should ensure that you are not pressing ‘backup’ during times when you receive the most visitors. WordPress backups take up a lot of server resources and this will provide a detrimental user experience for anybody who is currently on your website.

Do you offer website payment plans?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. Any WordPress designer asking for 100% of the project to be funded upfront should be steered clear from. Designing WordPress websites is a two-way relationship and by breaking the total project cost into clear milestones, we can ensure that both parties are completely happy at every stage of the project.

Typically, all WordPress websites start with 30-40% of the project as a deposit with the remainder split across the total length of the project with milestones in between. Depending on the length of the project, we will occasionally stretch your payment plan even past the delivery date into manageable monthly payments.

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