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As a ‘marketing-first’ digital agency, we know all too well how the speed of your website speed runs parallel with both your SEO rankings and conversion rate. If sluggish load times are getting you down, enquire today to ensure blazing fast user experiences!


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Speed Up WordPress Today!

Using both Google Page Speed Insights and GTMetrix, our team of WordPress Speed optimization experts ensures your website ticks all the boxes for both Google’s crawlers and your customers. We don’t bamboozle you into paying ten times more than what’s required and don’t just stop at installing a few plugins. From simple page and memory caching to prioritizing important and visible content; we cover it all.

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What To Expect?

The majority of customers that undertake our website speed optimization services experience faster loading times, improved user engagement, stronger conversion rates and, on occasion, a visible difference in SEO rankings. Whilst we expect stronger rankings for all clients, it cannot always be isolated to specific changes in website speed but don’t be fooled into thinking that it doesn’t make a big difference to your presence!

10 Common Speed Tips

If your website travels as fast as a Morris Minor (and you want to compete with the Bugattis in the digital) then we strongly encourage you to implement a handful, if not all, of our proven WordPress speed enhancements below.

  • Choose A Good Hosting Provider
  • Lightweight Code & Framework
  • Limit WordPress Plugins
  • Eliminate Render Blocking
  • Add Expires Headers
  • Integrate Hosting CDN
  • Implement Page & Browser Caching
  • Compress & Minify CSS & Javascript
  • Optimise Database Tables
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Why WordPress Speed Optimisation?

Today’s consumer does not possess the patience gene and when it comes to digital spending, that gene is non-existent. By optimizing your WordPress website for blazing fast speeds, you’re ensuring that each and every visitor to your website has a smooth experience throughout – leaving more time to view your content and less time hitting that refresh button. In addition, WordPress speed optimisation services go hand-in-hand with high-quality WordPress SEO services. As Google strives to rank websites that load quickly, a once-off optimisation of your website will do far more good than you might realise. Enquire today to see how we can increase your rankings and improve key user engagement metrics on your website.

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