WordPress Security Audit

Prepare and prevent successful attacks on your website with our comprehensive WordPress security audit services. With over 60% of website hacked each year, are you tempting fate by not having full control of your assets?


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Hackers Gon' Hack

The more you market your business, the greater the likelihood you have of a malicious user stumbling across your website. We’ve never understood why hackers do what they do but know all too well that if they spot a vulnerability they will exploit and bring your website to a grinding halt. If you have just launched a new website or have been operating for a few years without any idea whether your website is secure, now is the time to obtain a website security audit.

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WordPress Security Audit Services

Your website’s health is vital to your business. Securing your website from potential hackers allows you to maintain a steady reputation and income. By starting out with a WordPress security audit, we can identify key vulnerabilities with your website and provide a rollout plan of how to patch these issues. From simple tasks such as setting correct file permissions to more complex concerns such as poorly written theme code, our team will diligently sweep through your entire website and cover all basis.

Top 10 WordPress Security Issues

Whilst no two websites are the same, we'd bet our dog that the majority of WordPress websites have at least one of the following common security vulnerabilities that have not been patched.

  • Missing Backup Solutions
  • Poorly Written Theme Code
  • Accessible File Directory Permissions
  • Outdated Plugins & Theme Files
  • Outdated WordPress Salt Keys
  • 'Admin' Set To Username
  • Enabled XMLRPC Services
  • Weak Passwords (We're all guilty!)
  • Shared Hosting Environments
  • Missing Login Lockdown Features
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One-Time Fix?

Whilst obtaining and implementing the recommendations from a WordPress Security audit is not a one-time fix, it’s a huge step in the right direction. Once the recommendations have been implemented, a full report will be provided and then we will check in with you once per quarter to update any new recommendations to keep you as secure as possible. There are a handful of recommended security plugins to install on your website, however, these plugins do not cover all security tips and should not be relied upon to solve all of your issues.

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