Being active on social is a given, but continuing the conversation through Facebook Remarketing will apply the learnings from your ad sets and build upon purchasing intent with high-converting and targeted social creative.


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Why Facebook Remarketing?

Having built an online community that educates and entertains your engaged market, Facebook Retargeting is the missing piece of the puzzle which applies learned data and compelling content to the right audiences. Successful Facebook Remarketing can underpin your e-commerce strategy, so find out how a social strategist can uncover a tapped market of brand advocates, and turn them into customers.

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What To Expect?

Following a Facebook audit to ensure your channels are in an optimal state to start converting, our social specialists will run preliminary ad tests on a range of audience types based on your customer personas. From there we will create, manage and optimise your Facebook retargeting campaigns, guiding quality leads through your online sales sequence. Start creating a seamless and nutrued conversation, with high-converting retargeting ads that are as compelling as they are brand defining.


Every Facebook Remarketing campaign is different. However, as a general rule of thumb we will deliver, report and advise on the following outcomes:

  • Initial Discovery & Research.
  • Sales Funnel & Analytics Analysis.
  • Campaign Planning & Strategy.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Custom Audiences Setup.
  • Ad Copy & Headline Creation.
  • Content Curation & Graphics Design.
  • A/B Campaign Testing.
  • Reporting & Optimisation.
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Why Digital Next?

Digital Next is committed to helping all of our clients reach their business objectives. Our strong sense of identification means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions to business challenges, even for issues you may not be currently aware. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to technology and marketing techniques. This sense of identification also means that we value and promote seamless interaction with our clients and strive to achieve the best value from your budgets. We’re not the biggest and by far not the smallest. We like to play in the middle ground as that’s currently where the majority of our clients are playing themselves.

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Let’s work together – Call our Branch Manager Nathan Elly on 03 9699 4585

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