Working with a trusted Facebook Advertising Agency can help businesses small and large achieve a fantastic ROI. We use a blend of data-driven drill-downs and captivating creative to deliver unforgettable Facebook Advertising Campaigns.


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Why Facebook Advertising?

Advertising on Facebook enables your business to target potential customers based on their previous behaviour. By identifying connections between your business and potential customers’ behaviour patterns and interests, we can efficiently promote your business to those who have shown a strong potential for becoming a paying customer.

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What To Expect?

It all starts with identifying who your existing customers are, who your potential customers are and the unique selling points of your brand and products/services. Once we have a clear understanding of your highest converting demographics, our social media specialists and graphic designers will begin translating this information into unmissable Facebook ads.

Each month a detailed report will be provided to help you understand what worked, what improvements we plan to make, an ultimately how much money you made! From there, we refine, test and work towards creating continued improvements in all areas of the campaign.


Every Facebook Remarketing campaign is different. However, as a general rule of thumb, we will deliver, report and advise on the following outcomes:

  • Initial Discovery & Research.
  • Sales Funnel & Analytics Analysis.
  • Campaign Planning & Strategy.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Custom Audiences Setup.
  • Ad Copy & Headline Creation.
  • Content Curation & Graphics Design.
  • A/B Campaign Testing.
  • Reporting & Optimisation.
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Why Digital Next?

Digital Next is committed to helping our clients reach their business objectives. Our strong identification skills mean that we are constantly striving to provide solutions to business challenges, even for issues you may not currently be aware of. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to technology and marketing techniques. This also means that we value and promote seamless interaction with our clients and strive to achieve the best value from your budget. We’re not the biggest and not the smallest by far; we like to play in the middle ground, as that’s currently where the majority of our clients reside.

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Let’s work together – Call our Branch Manager Nathan Elly on 03 9699 4585

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