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eCommerce revenue in Australia has ballooned in recent years and is getting larger with each year that passes. In 2020, it is expected that 1 out of ten items will be bought online. In light of Covid-19, eCommerce SEO has been propelled to the forefront with ever more reliance on online businesses.

eCommerce SEO Audits & Consultations Available

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How Is eCommerce SEO Different?

eCommerce SEO is considered as its own dicipline of SEO primarily because Google evaluates search queries that involve selling with extra attention. The funnels for customers compared to lead generation sites are completely different. The more complex customer journey means more data analysis is needed to make informed decisions that lead to desired outcomes. There are also additional challenges of operating and managing larger sites where site hygiene is imperative to performance.


As an eCommerce-focused SEO agency, we are agile and adaptive, which enables us to focus resources on multiple keyword fronts at the same time, maximising potential returns.

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    Why Choose an eCommerce SEO Firm

    Web Developers build websites, eCommerce SEO professionals generate traffic. From our experience, the vast majority of eCommerce search performance deficiencies originate from the web developer. SEO firms ensure resources are allocated where it matters most to ensure maximum organic visibility. Our aim is to provide strong website foundations that amplifies the effect of our industry-leading eCommerce link building.


    Our link acquisition methods for eCommerce SEO growth is focused on targeting both category and product pages to build a long-term plan that enables sustainable growth in the areas where your business will benefit the most.

    Our eCommerce SEO Process

    Every eCommerce store has a different journey with unique challenges. We put processes in place to ensure we leave no stone unturned and can squeeze every little bit of value from your online store! See below for a quick overview!

    • Undertake Technical SEO & Site Audit
    • Assess Canonicalisation, Pagination & Redirections
    • Keyword Research - Broad and Longtail
    • On-page Implementation (Titles, Headers & URLs)
    • Write Unique Content (Product & Category pages)
    • Add Schema (Product & Category pages)
    • Link Acquisition & Blogging
    • Report, Refine, Repeat!
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    Why Our eCommerce SEO Services?

    Digital Next is a leading eCommerce SEO agency in Melbourne, helping brands little and large achieve big revenue growth. Our team of SEO specialists has experience across a wide range of verticles and different content management systems. Magento SEO, BigCommerce SEO & Shopify SEO Services follow the same principals as other forms of eCommerce SEO.


    Our campaigns are targeted and optimised towards ROI driven categories and keywords to ensure the foundations for growth and extra investment is stable. Come in, meet the team and take the next step in your business journey.

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    Let’s work together – Call our Branch Manager Nathan Elly on 03 9699 4585

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