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Based on 100+ happy customers


Based on 100+ happy customers

Why should your eCommerce store be investing into Google Shopping?

Did you know that the Google online marketplace gives users an exclusive shopping mall experience? Google Shopping is the closest you can get to physically shopping at a real store—online. The erstwhile Froogle (as Google named it in 2002), Google Shopping has come a long way.

On average, Google Shopping adverts convert 30% more clicks than simple Google search ads. By targeting consideration phase and bottom of the funnel audiences, Google Shopping proves to be an extremely lucrative outlet for many eCommerce businesses.

What’s more, by working with a Google Shopping agency that won’t stop until all campaigns can be accurately reported upon, you can be sure that your Google shopping campaign can be measured to the cent. Take a look at 3 reasons why Google Shopping management services are absolute gold for businesses like yours.

Greater Conversions.

Compared to search text ads, Google Shopping management campaigns typically convert 30% more customers. This will result in a cheaper cost per acquisition for you.

Qualified Traffic.

People who use Google Shopping are typically further down the purchasing funnel than those who enter your website via SEO, standard Google search text ads or Bing.

Prime Visibility.

The war of search marketing is about visibility. Yes, there’s a lot of competition. Yet, why would you want to waste this opportunity to get your brand more visible?

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Chandan Mogla, Digital Next - Paid Search Expert

We take a granular approach to Google Shopping services.

At Digital Next, whilst we optimise towards your overall business objectives, we treat each SKU as its own line of income; maximising your Google Shopping Management performance. We’re not too shy to switch off a product altogether if it’s costing you money and will customise your feed in unison with visibility levers through Google Ads to reach your desired objectives – fast.

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