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Why stop at searching for new traffic, when you can remarket to those who have previously shown an intent to engage with your brand? Position your message in front of the right audiences at the right time with Digital Next today.

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Why Google Remarketing?

We’re all aware of the benefits of marketing to an existing audience over a new one, with Remarketing the perfect example of how to avoid leaving money on the table. By targeting those in the consideration phase after engaging with your website, retargeting offers another opportunity for potential customers to complete a sale, online form or sign up to your CRM. Don’t stomache a high bounce rate and low conversion any longer and start following through to that confirmation page.

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What To Expect?

Our Google specialists will design compelling Remarketing ad creative supported by targeted strategies that are engineered to incite curiosity and result in a click. Whether searchers are passing by or considering a sale, our Remarketing strategies will deliver a strong and timely proposition, every time. Don’t take a passive seat in your e-commerce sales or business objectives, and Remarket to the right audience on trusted platforms with copy and creative to get you over the line.

Google Remarketing Deliverables

Every campaign starts with firstly understanding your audience, what stage of the funnel they are at and what is likely to be next on there agenda. Then, it gets rather creative from there. Take a look at the typical deliverables for every Google remarketing campaign.

  • Sales Funnel Assessment.
  • Custom Audience Creation.
  • Remarketing Code Implementation
  • Google Analytics Setup & Goal Tracking.
  • Banner Design & Content Curation.
  • Campaign Implementation.
  • Monthly Reporting & Consultation.
  • Growth Recommendations.
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Why Digital Next?

In an industry littered with enough marketing knowledge to be dangerous, but a general lack of understanding when it comes to winning Google remarketing strategies, we appreciate finding the right digital agency to deliver results can prove somewhat difficult. That’s why we’re proud to be a 4.9-star rated digital marketing agency that strives to deliver results which surpass industry norms. Contact our team of paid search and Google remarketing specialists to activate a campaign that speaks directly to the desires of your audience.

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