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Don’t be fooled into thinking that Bing offers no value to your business. Enquire today to find out how we’re smashing conversion rates and increasing dollars in the bank for our clients through Bing’s less convoluted advertising platform.

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Why Choose A Bing Ads Agency?

If you are looking to diversify your PPC strategy, go Bing go. Renowned for attracting a higher-income audience, users of Bing typically spend more per session, are homeowners or parents and are less tech-savvy. Although fewer users than Google, the higher disposable income results in greater purchasing intent and often a far-reduced cost per acquistion. No, you can’t just switch over to Bing and forget about Google but if you’re looking to explore a strategy your competitors are not, talk to us today about our blended campaigns.

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Our Blended Bing Advertising Strategy

When it comes to Paid Ads, we don’t discriminate. Instead, our research dictates whether Google Ads or Bing Ads is right for you and in most cases, it’s both! By cultivating a blended marketing campaign with varied creative to hit home with the different demographics of both search engines, you can be sure to be playing in areas that most of your competitors have not even though about! Enquire with our Bing Ads Agency today to speak with a highly-qualified direct response marketer who will tell you more about how you can get the jump on your competition and rapidly reduce your cost per lead.

What’s Included With Your Bing Ads Campaign?

Whilst every business is different with unique goals, over the past 9 years Digital Next has refined our Bing Ads formula to bring cutting-edge direct response marketing that cuts through your audience like a hot knife through butter. Each campaign starts with the following deliverables:

  • PPC Strategy Consultation
  • PPC Landing Page Health Check
  • Content Curation & Design
  • Keyword & Competitor Keyword Research
  • Ad Copy Curation
  • Bid Adjustments & Ad Positioning
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Why Digital Next?

When we launched in Australia, it was with the sole intent of cutting through the noise with an agency that is well respected by both peers and client’s alike. By spending less time on ourselves and more time on you, we’re by far not the loudest on the block but that does not mean our bing advertising campaign’s don’t drive serious growth. If you’re looking for an agency that talks return on investment before clicks and impression share, speak to our bing advertising team today. 

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Let’s work together – Call our Branch Manager Nathan Elly on 03 9699 4585

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