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I would recommend Steven Lord, and Digital Next, to anyone looking for a new website. Steven and his team are some of the most diligent and hard-working people I’ve ever met! Not only do they manage to get the job done quickly, they listen to your business needs and then portray them in the light that you want for your website!

Eddy Ung - Active Bodies World


Renowned for his muscle flexing on stage, Eddy Ung most recently challenged Digital Next to flex our keyboard fingers and deliver a website solution with stacked functionality. Targeting 2 vastly different audiences the challenge here was to de-complicate the messaging and avoid confusion.

Challenge accepted Eddy.


Taking into account 2 key elements of Active Bodies World, Digital Next decided to split the solution into 2 separate websites. One website tailored specifically for aspiring bodybuilders seeking transformation packages and the other for the avid fans and gym lovers seeking to purchase official ‘Active Bodies World’ merchandise. In addition to this, Digital Next adopted to develop a bespoke automated shipping module to handle orders without Eddy having to touch them – After all, we know that Eddy much prefers pumping iron!

Fun Fact: Did you know that Eddy acquired over 100,000 social followers in the last 3 months of 2017 alone?
digital next team steven lord


By separating both sides of the business, Eddy now has two tailor-made landing experiences to funnel separate marketing campaigns towards – Whilst still being able to manage from a single administration panel. Dedicated landing experiences with bespoke messaging is critical to improving conversion rates and ensuring value propositions are clear. With shipping, email and order automation, Eddy can now focus his attention on running the business and keeping social profiles up to date to retain his loyal following.

digital next team - nathan elly

Let’s work together – Call our Branch Manager Nathan Elly on 03 9699 4585

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