Web Security

Why Hosting Your Website Directly With Your Designer Is A Bad Idea

It may sound the ideal situation, to have one person or company handling both your website design and its web hosting. You don’t have to liaise with multiple people, you save money, and it is the perfect solution – or is it? Well, contrary to what you may think or believe, we have arrived to enlighten …

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WAF – The One Thing Between You And Cyber Attack

It’s no surprise to those in the digital marketing industry that website security is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of growing a successful business online. As the use of Content Management Systems has grown in popularity – whether it’s Drupal and WordPress or Magento and Shopify – with it has come an …

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Safeguarding WordPress – WordPress Security Tips

With more than 20% of websites utilising WordPress, this increasingly popular free and open-source blogging tool is also becoming more attractive to hackers with malicious intentions. Whilst WordPress takes appropriate security measures, as with almost all systems, potential vulnerabilities will always be present.

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