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PPC Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a fantastically efficient way to get traffic to your website and a good way to raise revenue and boost profits. The way this works is that a user clicks on your ad, triggering a payment from the advertiser to the website owner or website network.

PPC is predominantly associated with main search engines like Google or Bing and works in different forms from shopping product listings to remarketing banners ads. Typically, advertisers bid on keywords or keyword phrases which are relevant to their business and target market. Content sites will charge a fixed price rather than use a bidding system. PPC is one of the fastest growing advertising mediums and is increasingly popular with small to medium businesses looking to grow and establish themselves in their respective markets.


In an increasingly competitive consumer market and with the meteoric rise of digital technology PPC has become ever more essential. There is ever increasing competition in almost every market worldwide so businesses need to establish and maintain a strong online presence.

Google is predominantly the first choice for internet searches generating around 70% of global traffic. By having your ads placed in a prominent first page position with Google you are giving your business excellent visibility with the opportunity to create almost endless profits. Having a strong, easily navigable website with paid ads guaranteed a prominent top page Google position can have significant effects on your Return on investment, even after your Adwords expenditure.

Google’s cost per click truly
dropped by 13% in Q4 of 2015

The top 3 paid advertising spots
get 46% of the clicks on the page

Businesses make on average $3 in
revenue for every $1.60 they spend
on Adwords

Mobile devices account for 53% of
paid-search clicks – Just one more
cause to optimize your campaign
for mobile advertisements


PPC targets paid ads while SEO targets organic search users and combining the two, particularly through utilising Google’s paid ad spots, can generate brilliant results for your business. The effect of this is to render it much more likely that online users will see your brand name and you will score conversions through making the most of Google’s advertising space.


Your PPC accounts couldn’t be in more reliable hands than with our team of Google experts at Digital Next. Our Head of Paid Search Sherline Kumanan is an ex-Google product specialist whom we headhunted for his unrivalled expertise in paid search. Sherline has revolutionised the way in which Digital Next approach paid search campaigns. He has also brought with him the highly accredited Vajinder Singh who is another ex-Google specialist.

With these two experts at the helm of our paid search team, with their high level of knowledge and experience in PPC, Digital Next are confident we are among the leaders in the field.



Before we even begin the creation of a campaign to suit your business our foremost priority is to make sure we understand exactly what you do and how and why you do it. We will spend as much time as needed to understand every vital aspect of your business and what your USP is in comparison to your competitors. Once we have this knowledge we can then work with you to choose the optimal keyword phrases to highlight your business. Once we have worked all this out and we have a good working relationship in place we will then move forward with the creation of the adverts themselves to get the ball rolling.


We will work with you to fully understand what results you need from an Adwords campaign – from creating brand awareness to creating revenue. Once we have developed the target keyword phrases we will go through the vital phase of researching the best advertising phrases to link to your target keywords. Then we can move on to creating adverts that will be as successful as possible for your business.

After we have come up with the initial first draft list of Adcopies we will consult with you to ensure that they meet your exact requirements and are of a standard that you are happy with and when the adverts are ready to go we can then discuss with you where to target them and to whom in order to get you the best possible results. At this stage we can also discuss fees and costs.


We have in place a monthly reporting system which we feel is not only one of the most important aspects of the whole PPC process but also is vital for your business because it enables you to monitor every area of growth or change related to your campaign. For this purpose we will provide you with monthly progress reports. You will also be matched with one of our highly experienced and knowledgeable PPC account managers who will be on call to help and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Want to know what our reports entail in terms of keeping you informed? Here’s what you’ll receive…


When your PPC campaign has been up and running for 2-4 weeks we will be able to gain a solid understanding of what parts are working and what’s not. We can then see exactly what search users are looking for with your paid ads as well as what areas we should look at next. In addition to working on your current ads, we can then look at experimenting with new and future ads in order to achieve the best success for your campaign and get the results you want. This is known as the optimisation process.

Once we have achieved the success from your first campaign that comes with our guarantee we can then work together towards future campaigns for your new products and services, meaning your partnership with us will always bring excellent results and ongoing success for your business.


The whole purpose of PPC is to generate sales and profits for your business and therefore one of the most important parts of the monthly reports concerns the number of conversions that lead to a sale. The reports will chart the progress of all conversions whether they are phone calls, enquiries or direct purchases.


Not only do we keep you up to date with this vital information, we also implement a system of conversion tracking so that we know how and where they are coming from.


By determining how many clicks you receive on your adverts in comparison to other adverts, we can gain a better understanding of which ads are working well and which are not. This can also give us a useful indication of any on-page issues with your website that could be deterring conversions in order that they can be improved.


A crucial advantage within the monthly reports concerns your click through rate statistics, known as CTR, which gives us a vital insight into how your ads are performing overall through the number of clicks generated.


Our cost per click overview, contained within our reporting system cleverly allows us to determine how much on average you have been charged for every click. It will also show how much we can contribute towards ongoing cost reductions in your cost per click rates.

Is your paid search campaign making the right impression? If not, challenge us to find out why! Get your FREE 360o online audit now!

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