We are Digital Next and this is Our Story

With the inception of Digital Next emanating from the relentless perseverance and drive of Directors and Founders (and brothers), Justin and Mark Blackhurst, along with Justin’s University friend, Vaibhav Kakkar, their fundamental mission is well underway and remains an ongoing endeavour.

Unlocking the Potential of Australian Businesses!


Keeping it in the family

Circa 2009. Three recently graduated students, Justin, Mark and Vaibhav noticed that the burgeoning expansion and increasing popularity of Google’s organic listings could be utilised to boost the growth of UK businesses online. Soon after, a search engine optimisation service was launched to increase a company’s website traffic levels from all major search engines provided the perfect platform for future growth.

With this firmly in mind, the two embarked upon a journey that would take them from an idea, first conceptualised in their parent’s back bedroom, to becoming one of Europe’s largest full-service digital marketing agencies. What seemed a dream at the time, is now a reality with much thanks to Justin’s inspirational motto…

“Crack On and Smash It!” – Justin Blackhurst, CEO at Digital Next

Keeping Family
Keeping Family


Keeping Family

250 Staff | 7 Countries

Keeping Family

Expand your mind and grow, grow, grow!

Fast forward 5 years to the start of 2014; Digital Next announce their acquisition of Just Search – the industry-leaders of old – to become a part of online Swedish giants, The Online Group, and form a fully-integrated superagency boasting a brand new offering. Our revamped digital marketing products and solutions are designed to offer a much-improved and more comprehensive service range to help grow more UK businesses.

Our natural progression in the UK has inevitably led us abroad and we have now firmly stationed ourselves within 7 countries, employing over 250 staff worldwide. With such insider info, we now possess the resources, infrastructure and capabilities to offer a much more specialised service range that’s tailored to the needs of businesses operating within international markets.

Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Benvenuto, Bienvenida!

Say Ch-EE-se!

Later down the 2014 timeline, we find ourselves partnering up with mobile giant, EE, on their latest advertising campaign publicising the launch of their new ‘Business Connect’ tariff, which saw CEO, Justin, feature as the face of their newspaper and TV ads. This campaign was a roaring success and one which will remain a prevalent association with our brand.

We believe this to be an iconic part within our history so far, representing the heights that any young business should aspire to reach. Where critics and competitors may perceive this as somewhat of a major coup, in reality, this is only the start of something amazing. So, heads up, we’re about to take the world by storm!

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