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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), if done correctly, is one of the most cost effective marketing channels the digital space has to offer. By targeting an audience that is actively seeking a particular product or service, SEO cuts through the noise and promotes your business only to those who are looking for it; at a time when they are most likely to engage.


SEO, in its purest form, is the process of optimizing web assets in a way that are favourable to the Google Search Algorithm. There are two components that require optimization; on-page and off-page. On-page elements are those that are present on the client’s site. Off-page link building activity are those that exist externally on third-party sites.

Bespoke SEO Marketing

Digital Next deliver bespoke SEO strategies according to each client’s specific business objectives. Each campaign starts with a thorough analysis of the client website, market condition, value proposition, USP and the site’s online authority relative to the competition. With this information, we develop a strategy that is transparent, effective and delivers a sustainable long-term ROI.


SEO is an on-going activity that requires constant monitoring of the web assets and the delivery of new ones. The SEO landscape is frequently shifting and as such, requires a finger on the pulse at all times. With Digital Next you are assigned your own personal account management who has the specialized knowledge and experience required to be pro-active towards these changes, rather than reactive.


Digital Next believes in the optimizing for today, as well as tomorrow. Every aspect of the campaign meets and exceeds best practice guidelines ensuring your campaign will achieve and sustain priority positions across the breadth of the target keywords for sustainable periods.


Is the content on your website optimised, relevant and have the right keyword density? Has the main body content been headed correctly? Is it written to rank, engage and convert? Content is still king but only when it’s the right content.


Is your website easily navigable? Is the URL structure optimised with internal links in the right places? Is the current design converting the right type of customers? Often overlooked, a solid underlying structure is crucial towards achieving a solid organic presence.


Is your website Canonicalization free? Do you have a responsive web design? Do you currently utilise the Google Webmaster dashboard? We ensure your website is crawlable and therefore readable. With an in-house development team we are on-hand to make ad-hoc changes quickly.


Do you have an active blog with the correct internal/external link building structure? Are you managing your blogging on a consistent basis with unique content? Blogging is a crucial part of SEO; stagnant sites tend not to rank as well as active sites.


Is your website talked about on industry leading websites? Does your link anchor profile exceed Google’s expectations? Link Building still contributes to over 50% of all ranking signals according to industry experts. SEO link building is well and truly alive


Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving with a view to ranking factors categorised in real time. We ensure that any malicious or spammy links are disavowed against the domain and over time, strive to build and organic and relevant link profile with a consistent velocity.


We are industry leaders when it comes to manual outreach services. Having white-labelled this to some of Australia’s most credible agencies, we have nurtured the power of the blogosphere to create a network of independent resources willing to publish high quality content.


Business reviews, social bookmarking, directories, citations, video submissions, power page link baiting, blog marketing, local listings… off page link building activity can be executed in a variety of ways. Previously an SEO Agency, off-page SEO strategies were once our foundation and now our forte.


Do you need to know exactly how traffic engages with your website, where it is coming from and how it is growing? We provide detailed reports that offer invaluable insights about your current performance and how to take advantage of future opportunities.


Are you looking to track sales and measure downloads? We set-up goal and event tracking throughout your website to track the things that matter to your business. Using this data, we report on what’s working, what isn’t and what needs to be done to improve performance.


Do you want a comprehensive and transparent report of where your website is ranking for your target keywords? By carefully monitoring the performance of each keyword, we make adjustments to the campaign and optimise your website accordingly.


Are you sick of automated reports that lack the human touch? We combine state-of-the-art reporting software with a personalised executive summary – backed up by a phone call. We love keeping in contact with our clients and encourage face-to-face meetings at least every two months.

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