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Shopify is a superb platform for growing eCommerce businesses. However, when compared to content powerhouses like WordPress, Shopify SEO can be a challenge, especially for those that are new to working with a CMS. Find out how Digital Next successfully navigates these challenges with your free Shopify SEO audit and consultation.

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Shopify SEO Agency Melbourne

For any aspiring eCommerce business, Shopify is the perfect platform to get started. Sure, it may be missing the advanced SEO functionality that allows more premium eCommerce platforms to thrive, but out of the box, Shopify is considered the best ‘all-round’ eCommerce platform available today. When it comes to generating revenue through Shopify, there are hundreds of plugins and strategies. However, not many people consider Shopify SEO, which makes it easier for those that do to really make an impact.


As Shopify SEO specialists, our personable account managers provide leading Shopify SEO Services to business owners that are serious about growing their eCommerce website. From making the best use of the Shopify suite of tools to curating beautiful product descriptions and high-quality backlinks, our Shopify SEO formula has seen returns of up to 10x your investment. Find out what we can do for your Shopify website and enquire today for your free audit.

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    Why Shopify SEO Services?

    SEO and Shopify, although growing stronger, is extremely new for most businesses. A lot of Shopify stores make use of advanced social media integrations and email marketing to increase their customer base. Subsequently, this creates a market gap for you to exploit with your own business. Over the years, Shopify has improved it’s foundations and is fast becoming an SEO professionals dream to work with. Therefore, if there was any time to be considered a Shopify SEO campaign; now would be a good one.


    To find out more about how Digital Next can leverage Shopify’s advanced tools and position your business in front of ready to purchase customers, contact us today and request for your free Shopify SEO audit.

    Our Shopify SEO Process

    While you could technically package SEO services into formulaic strategies, every eCommerce business is different. Through our understanding of this, we ensure that each campaign is unique to what is achievable within your budget. Take a look at some of our proven Shopify SEO techniques that we will implement on your website.

    • Undertake Technical SEO & Site Audit
    • Assess Canonicalisation, Pagination & Redirections
    • Keyword Research - Broad and Longtail Keywords
    • On-Page SEO Implementation (Titles, Headers & URLs)
    • Write Unique Content (Products & Category Pages)
    • Add Schema Markup (Products & Business Schema)
    • Link Building & Regular Onsite Blogging
    • Report, Refine, Repeat!
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    Why Choose A Shopify SEO Agency?

    To get the most out of your Shopify SEO campaign, it’s wise to partner with an agency that has a proven track record in delivering results specifically for Shopify websites. Unlike WordPress, Shopify is less forgiving for those who do not know their way around the platform, and while any SEO professional can optimise your website with the basic foundations, sustainably driving results requires a specialist.


    As one of Melbourne’s leading Shopify SEO agencies, we have devised a formula that simply works. We are aware of the limitations with Shopify compared to content platforms such as WordPress and have solutions for each of them. While our process has helped all types of websites rank higher on Google, our expertise with Shopify are far superior to most. If you are looking for a WordPress SEO agency that has proven SEO experience, but also understands business and commerciality, enquire now to speak with one of our SEO consultants.


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