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Based on 100+ customer reviews.

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Based on 100+ customer reviews.

We help brands little and large to achieve eCommerce SEO growth.

Our eCommerce SEO agency helps brands little and large achieve big revenue growth across the world's leading eCommerce CMS platforms. Challenge our eCommerce SEO experts to drive organic results for your business within 90 days.

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eCommerce SEO revenue is soaring. Is your business?

Throughout Australia, eCommerce B2C is growing at around 30-40% yearly. There is no doubt that eCommerce businesses are flying right now. With the window of opportunity closing, are you making moves and keeping up with your competition with your eCommerce SEO endeavours? SEO is the foundation of sustainable growth. It delivers the greatest ROI once it gets going and does not require you to constantly spend a fortune acquiring traffic. Partner with our eCommerce SEO company today and start your journey to increased market share.

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90 day growth challenge.

Challenge our eCommerce SEO experts to grow your traffic in 90 days.

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Omar Mourchad, Digital Next - SEO Expert

How is eCommerce SEO different from lead generation SEO?

We treat our eCommerce SEO services differently because Google evaluates search queries that involve selling with extra attention. Not only are the funnels for customers, compared to lead generation sites, different but the purchasing intent wildly varies too. The more complex the customer journey, the greater amounts of data analysis is needed to make informed decisions that lead to desired outcomes. There are also additional challenges of operating and managing larger sites where site hygiene is imperative to performance.

With dedicated eCommerce SEO experts, our eCommerce SEO agency is agile and adaptive. This enables us to dedicate resources across multiple fronts at the same time which ensures that your eCommerce website grows across multiple products and ranges. We maximise your eCommerce stores potential by shifting your eCommerce SEO budget towards activities that are going to rapidly grow your business. There is no such thing as a set and forget eCommerce SEO campaign!

In addition, as a results-focussed eCommerce SEO agency, you can be sure that we will talk to you about the metrics that matter – your bottom line. Not only this, but we also educate our clients on what they should do to drive growth internally too. Explore what we consider to be vital components of your eCommerce SEO campaign below.

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Search Intent

All successful eCommerce SEO strategies focus on search intent. After all, receiving thousands of visitors to your website without considering search intent is absolutely useless.

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Competitor Review

Once we understand your audience, we learn more about your competition. What are they doing that sets them apart and how can we quickly bring the gap (if any) to increase market share?

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Keyword Strategy

Together, we will define a keyword strategy that covers top, middle and bottom of the funnel audiences to increase market share across a diverse range of search queries that grow your business.

Why choose a specialist eCommerce SEO company?

Website developers build websites, SEO professionals generate leads and eCommerce SEO professionals drive revenue. By choosing a dedicated eCommerce SEO company, you are guaranteed to be working with experts that know exactly how to drive successful outcomes. From on-page methodologies to strong link building services, the eCommerce landscape is different and requires efforts across both category level and product-level pages to ensure long-lasting foundations.

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Our eCommerce SEO experts are ready to be unleash your business.

Say hello to your future eCommerce SEO experts below. From boutique eCommerce startups to multi-national online businesses driving multiple product lines, our eCommerce search engine optimisation specialists are ready to take your business to the next level. Enquire online today.

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90 day growth challenge.

Challenge our eCommerce SEO experts to grow your traffic in 90 days.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Omar Mourchad, Digital Next - SEO Expert

Frequently asked eCommerce SEO questions.

Questions about our eCommerce SEO services? No problem. Take a look at the most commonly asked questions our eCommerce SEO management team answers.

What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO is search engine optimization for eCommerce websites. It is an advanced version of SEO, in which, the services that are delivered are dedicated to driving results for an online eCommerce store. The goal is to provide the best information on the internet that specifically answers a searchers query. Then, you manipulate your website to ensure that this content can be easily found by users and search engines. You become the best.

At the core is everything you will find with standardised SEO services such as optimising pages on your website to gain more visibility on Google when a users is searching for products that you sell. However, due to the nature of eCommerce websites, there are a series of extra steps that are taken to drive results.

For example, an eCommerce SEO agency may perform extensive technical SEO analysis to determine which products are best to target with eCommerce SEO services. When you have a website with over 500 products it is not possible to target every single product all of the time. So, extended research is required to analyse the market demand, the competition, the profitability and the complexity of ranking these products on Google. This type of extended analysis would not be required for your everyday local business. Therefore even something as simple as this would classify eCommerce SEO as an advanced discipline of SEO.

What are the benefits of eCommerce SEO?

There are no two ways about it. eCommerce SEO is absolutely critical for any business aspiring to command a strong market share. When done well, eCommerce SEO puts your website directly in front of customers looking to buy your products. It grows your traffic, increases your brand awareness and puts your business on the map. No matter what content management system you are using, the results are universal.

What you often find with eCommerce SEO, comparatively to other channels, is that your conversion rate will be higher from this traffic source and your return on investment (overtime) will be superior. While other channels deliver fast returns, an eCommerce SEO company will be able to ensure that your return on investment is compounded. Therefore, you make less upfront but you make tons more overtime.

That said, eCommerce SEO services are not for everyone. Especially businesses that are operating within a space that has low margins and extremely stiff competition. The level of investment and time that is required to break into the top 1% of search results will be steep for these types of businesses. As such, you might be better off exploring hard and fast revenue streams such as Google Ads management, Google Shopping management or Facebook Advertising services to deliver quick wins.

Do you provide eCommerce SEO audits?

Yes, an eCommerce SEO audit will be provided with our services. In fact, no eCommerce SEO campaign begins without a comprehensive SEO audit of both your on-page, off-page SEO and content structure.

Given that there are many free online SEO audit tools, we do not like to look at these as audits. Rather, they are blueprints for our SEO experts to formulate a strategy. Sure, an audit online will provide you with top-level metrics. However, our SEO audits delve right into the core of your business, your product lines and marketability. We don’t just look at whether you have clean heading tags, we look at the bigger picture.

Once you receive your SEO audit from us, your assigned account manager will call you to discuss our findings and present a roadmap on how we are going to tackle these issues. We take an iterative approach to digital marketing and our SEO services are no different. There are no silver bullets and no over-promising. As long as the needle continually shifts in the right direction, we are happy.

Do you offer full eCommerce SEO management?

Yes, we provide holistic eCommerce SEO management services. Right from the get-go, everything we do looks at the bigger picture of your business. From our auditing to our implementation, we leave no stone unturned.

Our eCommerce SEO services include:
  • On-Page SEO.
  • Technical SEO.
  • Schema Markup.
  • Link Building & Guest Posts.
  • Curated Link Building.
  • Link Profile Management.
  • Blog Management.
  • Content Writing.

As strong believers that the best SEO campaigns require full-time eCommerce SEO management, our strategists pull out all the stops. Sure, we are not literally working on your campaign all of the time as that is not possible. However, we have refined our processes over the years to ensure that we can deliver far more physical work output for your budget.

After all, SEO primarily is just sheer graft and grunt work. There’s nothing too flashy about anything that we do. But, it drives results. So, if you are looking for an eCommerce SEO management agency that will put everything they have to shift the needle on your campaign, give us a call on +61 (03) 9699 4585 for your free SEO strategy and website health check.

What is the best eCommerce platform for SEO?

Truthfully, there is no answer to this question. Each eCommerce platform comes with huge pros and cons. You should always look for the platform that will best align with your business, rather than your SEO campaign.

Trust us, we have seen businesses migrate platforms because their SEO expert told them to and they hugely regret this decision. When put into the right hands, any eCommerce platform can deliver strong SEO results.

The reason why is because it’s not the platform delivering the results, it’s your incredible content, quality backlinks, awesome site structure and all-around great user experience.  Sure, some platforms are harder to work with than others, however, at the core, you can rank any website on any platform.

So, when the question becomes which eCommerce platform is easiest to work with, the answer would be Shopify SEO or BigCommerce SEO. Although we are huge WordPress SEO advocates, Shopify and BigCommerce come with super easy to use interfaces and plenty of handy plugins.

We would always recommend WordPress when you have a developer to hand, however, WooCommerce is not the best eCommerce extension around so every decision you make needs to be measured. Ultimately, we would recommend you put your business needs first and then worry about how you will handle your On Page SEO later down the track.

Do you provide monthly reports?

Absolutely. Every month you will receive an eCommerce SEO report with a follow-up phone call from your account manager to discuss. We would recommend against any eCommerce agency that does not provide monthly reports. It is your campaign, your budget and your website. You should be clear on absolutely every action that has been taken and the rationale behind those actions.

Our SEO reports include all of the above as well as your link building activities where we detail the links we have built, the anchors we have chosen and the websites we have posted articles to on your behalf. Not only this, but our SEO management team will also report on any negatives too. SEO is not all green lights and roses. It’s a journey with ups, downs, lefts and rights. Reporting on areas of improvement is far more critical than talking about victories. Data without context is absolutely useless.

So, if you are looking for SEO services for eCommerce websites that deliver results and educate you in the process, look no further than Digital Next. Call us today on +61 (03) 9699 4585 to get your free strategy.

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