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Looking for BigCommerce SEO services to drive growth to your eCommerce store? Enquire now for your free BigCommerce SEO audit to find out how Digital Next is elevating BigCommerce stores of all shapes and sizes across Australia. It’s totally free.

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How Is BigCommerce SEO Different?

When it comes to BigCommerce SEO, you need an agency with a track record of delivering results. eCommerce SEO is a totally different discipline to your standard local business SEO campaigns. Not only does Google evaluate websites differently, but also the sales funnels for BigCommerce stores are extremely varied when compared to a lead generation website. With vastly complex data at your disposal, partnering with a specialist BigCommerce SEO agency is a wise move.


As an eCommerce-focused SEO agency, Digital Next are agile and adaptive. This enables us to focus resources on multiple keyword fronts at the same time; maximising potential returns. We know how to rank eCommerce stores and the native functionality of BigCommerce SEO tools is just a happy bonus to speed up the time it takes for us to deliver the workload we agree upon.

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    Why Choose A BigCommerce SEO Firm?

    From our experience, website developers build websites, social marketers do pretty things and SEO professionals rank websites. However, there are two types of SEO professionals. With the vast majority of eCommerce SEO deficiencies stemming from the web developer trying their hand at SEO or the local business SEO specialist not understanding BigCommerce SEO, you will want a professional. Our aim is to provide strong website foundations that amplify the effect of our industry-leading eCommerce link building.


    When it comes to eCommerce SEO growth, in particular BigCommerce websites, our link acquisition methods are focused on targeting both category and product pages to build a long-term plan that enables sustainable growth in the areas where your business will benefit the most. Oh, we also write absolutely killer category and product content too! Take a tour around some of our case studies with an SEO strategist by calling us or enquiring today.

    Our BigCommerce SEO Process

    Every BigCommerce SEO campaign requires to be looked upon through varied lenses. We put processes in place to ensure we leave no stone unturned and can squeeze every little bit of value from your online store! Browse through some of the vital deliverables we undertake with each account.

    • Undertake Technical SEO & Site Audit
    • Assess Canonicalisation, Pagination & Redirections
    • Keyword Research - Broad and Longtail
    • On-page Implementation (Titles, Headers & URLs)
    • Write Unique Content (Product & Category Pages)
    • Add Schema (Product & Category Pages)
    • Link Acquisition & Blogging
    • Report, Refine, Repeat!
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    Why Our BigCommerce SEO Services?

    At Digital Next, we absolutely love eCommerce SEO, in particular, BigCommerce SEO campaigns. Why? Because the fruits of our labour are so much more rewarding. Helping brands both small and large to achieve huge revenue growth, BigCommerce SEO clients of Digital Next have seen returns of up to 8x their committed investment. BigCommerce SEO, when executed well, will swiftly become your greatest return on investment. Although our team of SEO specialists have experience across a wide range of verticles and different content management systems, our CMS knowledge and BigCommerce SEO services is superior to most.


    At Digital Next, all campaigns are targeted and optimised towards ROI driven categories and keywords to ensure the foundations for growth and extra investment is stable. If you are hunting for an agency that understands business, just as much as they do Google, come in, meet the team and take the next step in your business journey.

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