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The Ultimate On-Page SEO Checklist & Hygiene Infographic

SEO is a two-way street. You put the effort into perfecting your website and you get rewarded for your time. Yes, we are huge advocates of acquiring high-quality backlinks and this still has a large part to play in your overall SEO profile, but don’t forget the quality of the pages that you’re driving traffic towards and how they stack up with best-practice on page SEO.

Whilst a monthly checklist of on-page SEO recommendations is never a ‘pressing matter’ for most businesses, on-page SEO cleansing plays a pivotal role in protecting your search engine visibility. It has the power to gain uplifts of over 100% in your total keyword presence and the compounding effects of a well-optimised website extend not only to your total lead count but also to your expenses. By switching from link acquisition to spending time on your website, you may just find that missing gem which was holding you back all along.

On Page SEO Checklist Case Study

Practising what we preach, before compiling our ultimate on-page SEO checklist infographic below, we trialled our recommended tips on 2 websites of varying maturity. From a large website in the professional services industry that had backlinks aplenty to a sole trader in South East Melbourne who had only heard about SEO when we mentioned it, the results were almost identical with varying magnitudes. Take a look at one of our case studies from our on-page SEO checklist below.

113% Total Keyword Increase In 1 Month!

With a fairly large website and more backlinks than you could imagine, we implemented around 70% of the checklist below (some had already been checked off by the client and some we’re still yet to complete). Launching the changes on 6th June 2019, we sat and waited for a few days. Then a few more days passed….. Then it all kicked off!

After just 8 days of waiting to see the fruits of our labour, our client saw a very small increase of 4% in total keywords (whoop dee doo) – But it didn’t stop there….

The week following, this jumped to 49%, then 95% and today it currently stands at a total increase of 113%! From 1,163 keywords indexed to 2,475 in just 4 weeks through pure sweat work alone. This lift-off, combined with new keyword acquisition for heavy hitting terms has resulted in the following:

SEMRush Total Keyword Growth Chart


An immediate uplift in relevant traffic growth when compared to the previous year.

on page seo traffic growth

And whilst we can’t share a screenshot of revenue growth, you bet the owners are happy!

Without further ado.

Now that you’ve seen a real-life example of what spending time on your on-page SEO can do for your business and are now fully across the benefits of investing into your website, check out our ‘Complete on-page SEO hygiene checklist’ infographic below!

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