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Based on 100+ customer reviews.

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Based on 100+ customer reviews.

You're here because you know Bing Advertising is valuable.

Many businesses are fooled into thinking that Bing advertising services are a waste of time. The good news is, you’re one of the clever ones. With the ability to seamlessly synchronise your Google Ads campaigns with Bing, exploring this new audience is a new brainer.

Enquire today to find out how we’re smashing conversion rates and increasing dollars in the bank for our clients through Bing’s less convoluted advertising platform.

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Chandan Mogla, Digital Next - Paid Search Expert

Why should you invest into Bing advertising services?

If you are looking to diversify your PPC strategy, go Bing go. Renowned for attracting a higher-income audience, users of Bing typically spend more per session, are homeowners or parents and are less tech-savvy.

Although fewer users than Google, the higher disposable income results in greater purchasing intent and often a far-reduced cost per acquisition. No, you can’t just switch over to Bing and forget about Google but if you’re looking to explore a strategy your competitors are not, talk to us today about our blended campaigns.

For anybody considering Bing advertising services, here are just a few reasons why we always blend Bing advertising with Google’s mass paid search marketing reach.

Less Competition

Because Bing reaches less people, advertisers often neglect this channel which opens a large door for businesses like you to exploit markets that others are not.

Cheap Cost Per Click

Less competition brings fewer businesses to the bidding table. As such, companies that advertise with Bing find that they spend far less acquiring the traffic.

Greater Net Spend

It’s no secret that people who use Bing typically have higher household incomes and spending powers. Start advertising to the wealthy among us today.

We believe in taking a channel agnostic approach.

When it comes to paid search advertising, we don’t discriminate. Instead, our research dictates whether Google Ads or Bing Ads is right for you and in most cases, it’s both! By cultivating a blended marketing campaign with varied creativity to hit home with the different demographics of both search engines, you can be sure to be playing in areas that most of your competitors have not even thought about!

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Our Bing advertising company has some serious talent.

From our creative writers to our technically gifted Bing advertising experts, Digital Next is home to some of the most talented paid search marketers throughout Australia. Say hello to your future Bing advertising account managers.

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Chandan Mogla

Head of Paid Search

Bing Advertising

Mamta Rani

PPC Specialist

Bing Advertising

Sam Shepherd

Head of Content

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