How to Increase the Domain Authority (DA) of a Website? [Infographic]

What’s all the hype surrounding the Domain Authority (DA) of a website?

Well, the Domain Authority is the single most independently used indication of the quality of a website. DA is a number ranging from 0 to 100 and it is determined by Moz (not Google as some may believe). From an end client point of view the DA, might not matter; after all, they may come to your site to get further information about your products, services, contact information or perform a transaction.

From an industry expert point of view, since the death of page rank as determined by Google, DA is probably the best indicator of how good and authoritative a site is.

domain authority

The Million Dollar Question

Does a higher Domain Authority get you more search engine traffic?

According to Moz, “the DA predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the ‘strength’ of your website over time. We calculate this metric by combining all of our other link metrics—linking root domains, the number of total links, MozRankMozTrust, etc.— into a single score.”

So in short, increasing your DA gives you a better chance of ranking higher in search engines but it is also important to understand the DA is not the only ranking indicator; there are plenty of other factors like on page SEO, site speed and mobile friendliness of your website to name a few.

How is Domain Authority Determined?

Domain Age – how old your domain is a factor in your DA score according to SEO and content marketing expert Neil Patel.

Number of Backlinks – this is the most important factor influencing your DA and it is the best way to improve it.

Authority of Linking Domains and Many Other Factors – Your DA will move at a faster rate if the links are from authoritative sites with higher DA compared to smaller sites with DA on the rise. This, however, does not mean you only focus on getting links from high DA sites as you want the link profile to look natural.

Ways to Increase Your Domain Authority

On Site Elements

While on site elements may not directly affect your DA they definitely are part of the search engine ranking factors. If your ultimate goal is to get more search engine traffic then it would be a wise investment to take note and improve your on-site elements. Here is a quick list of on-site elements you should focus on:

– Site Speed
– Internal Links
– URLs should be Short and Relevant
– Focus on User Experience of Your Site

Produce Linkable Content Assets

The best way to move your DA score is by producing valuable content that people will like to read, share and link to. In other words, content marketing combined with great content will get you good quality links that will directly push the DA needle forward. Here are some quick content marketing tips:

– Take Advantage of Social Media
– Promote Your Content
– Leverage Influencer Marketing
– Use Paid Ads and Retargeting

Proactively Work on

In the modern day and age of content overload, it will be silly to expect links to be built on autopilot even if you produce awesome content and have a great content promotion strategy. Link building is mostly a proactive activity unless of course you are an influencer or an established online brand.

Link building is only one side of the coin if your brand or site has been around for some time; chances are you will have some bad / toxic links in your profile. If you have ever received a warning message on Google Webmaster Tools then you have to take action by contacting the site owner / admin to remove the bad link or using a tool like ahref’s to “disavow” the toxic link.

Here are some proactive measures to improving your DA:

– Reach Out and Build those Links
– Guest Post for Links, Traffic and Social Following
– Remove Bad Links

Tips on Improving Your DA

Be Patient – Time Factor

Remember, the domain age is a critical factor for your DA and this is not something you can skip on. This, however, does not mean you simply focus on creating mass amounts of content then pray and hope. This is where the next step can help.

Be Consistent – Content Creation, Marketing & Link Building

In the modern SEO world, everything boils down to having a strategy whether it is link building or content marketing. For example, how does one go about building links? You need a link building strategy. You may be creating quality infographics to get links, using the skyscraper technique or even producing in-depth articles and guides that go beyond the 5,000-word barrier which is rich in detail.

Where Can I Find a Site’s DA?

MozBar is a free browser extension so you can see any site’s DA without leaving the site.

Moz Open Site Explorer – This is a free tool to get a little more information about a site’s link profile and not just the DA.

– Other SEO Tools like MonitorBacklinks and MozPro. (These are paid tools with free trials)

In Conclusion

DA is not a stand-alone metric but a comparative one. You should use it with other metrics like page authority. The higher the DA, the harder it is to increase it. For example, it is easier to increase the DA of a site from 20 to 30 compared to 50 to 60. You need to be patient and work hard to create quality content that people will link to in order to increase your DA. Creating quality content and building awesome links takes time and this time allows your domain to age.

We have invested in increasing our Domain Authority and this infographic is a testament to that. Contact us if you need help with increasing your DA score to get better search engine visibility and traffic.

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