YoY New Visitors

↑ 76%

Average Order Value

↑ 23

Total Keywords Ranked

↑ 4135

“I would highly recommend Digital Next. The team are very easy to communicate with and it is a pleasure working with them on an ongoing basis. Very knowledgeable and professional. My business has reaped the rewards of long term SEO and we are now flying on Google. Thanks DN.”

Alexia Bond - QuickFit Blinds & Curtains


When QuickFit approached Digital Next, they were worried about escalating digital marketing bills and stagnated growth. The domain had been left in a position where it was too reliant on PPC visibility to maintain online sales. Organic visibility had slipped back, with larger categories now lacking the traffic they once received. Major retailers had entered the growing online market space and competition for listings was heating up. The challenge was to grow QuickFit’s organic rankings and traffic while reducing the reliance on media spend through paid channels.


The plan was to go back to basics and ensure that both the main category pages and homepage were targeted towards the high-volume keyword clusters. Keyword cannibalisation was strife across the domain with the wrong pages ranking for certain terms. So, we set about implementing a complete on-page SEO overhaul to align the site with market demand. Internal links were utilised to help achieve this goal whilst old on-site blogs were optimised and culled where necessary to reduce cannibalisation. It was then down to our off-page link acquisition strategy to consolidate the client’s positions in the top 3 organic listings. We then targeted new areas which the site was previously not capable of ranking for. This included catering to new audiences looking for curtains to suit particular rooms, colours and styles.

The secret to this campaign was increasing long-tail category page keyword rankings by bulking up on-page content and sourcing great backlinks to the right pages.
Keith Nallawalla - Head Of SEO @ Digital Next


QuickFit’s online revenue has grown +70% in the first 9 months of 2020 compared to the previous year. Total ranked keywords were up 90% across the same period with all main curtain category pages ranking on page 1. 85% of organic users were new users which exposed QuickFit to a new customer base which led to back to back to back record-breaking months leading up to the pandemic and then further amplified due to these new market conditions. With the help of a few CRO changes, including checkout offers, we were also able to increase QuickFit’s average order value by 23%.

digital next team - nathan elly

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