Sam Shepherd

Head Of Content

A biographical insight into the artistic genius of Samuel Joseph Graham Shepherd.

By Steven Lord.

With a writing portfolio spanning industries from real estate to music, Samuel is passionate about self-expression and the written word in all their forms. This, coupled with a fascination and love of online communities, especially those based in the arts, has led to him trying out every possible avenue when it comes to online platform.

Whether it be creating terrible art on Deviantart, releasing baroque punk cabaret music on Bandcamp, or reviewing albums across multiple online publications; Samuel has left a disjointed digital paper trail spanning over a decade of experimentation.

Working as Head of Content for Digital Next, Samuel has spent the past five years maintaining an impeccable standard across each piece of content produced. This has allowed him the opportunity to work alongside some of Australia’s most prolific brands, businesses, and agencies.

Given his background in the arts, the core of Samuel’s values and work ethic as a digital marketing specialist are based on creating content that blends the structural requirements of SEO with the personal identity of writers and your brand.

Likes: Learning Instruments, Anime, Philosophy
Dislikes: The Sun, Satin, Coconut Yogurt
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