Social Media Usage In Australia | 2015 Round Up [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 2015 Social Media Usage Report conducted by Sensis is one hefty piece, detailing the who, what, when, where, why and how social media is being used in Australia from multiple angles. It was such a brilliant resource we couldn’t help but comb through the report and pull out the most useful and current statistics for those of you who operate social media accounts of your own. To save you hours (potentially days!) of reading, and note taking, we created this Australian Social Media Usage Statistics infographic as a visually pleasing and easily digestible form of assisting you to formulate or amend your social and digital marketing strategy in 2016.

We hope you enjoy!

Social Media Usage Infographic 2015

Social Media Usage by State

In Australia 49% of consumers now access social media of some kind at least once a day. Between the states Tasmania leads the way in usage rates (61%), followed by QLD and NSW (both 51%), Victoria and SA (both 50%), the NT (48%), ACT (43%) and finally WA (42%). This means if you’re not already utilising social media platforms to communicate with your audience you could be missing out on leads and sales opportunities.

User Demographics

Generation Y (18 to 29 year olds) are currently the highest users of social media (79%) and as the age groups progress usage rates diminish. It should be noted that 49% who access social media at least once a day only 55% of women and 44% of men are within this group.

Businesses and Social Media Use

We were surprised to find only 30% of small businesses, 32% of medium organisations and and 56% of large businesses made use of social media in their communication strategies. We hypothesise these figures are indicative of the finite resources (finances and time) available to businesses of varying size, and the lack of industry knowledge in developing effective digital marketing and social media strategies. If you’re looking to develop a killer digital marketing and social media strategy get in touch with our team – we would love to work with you and help your brand reach the audience you’re looking to connect with.

Social Media Usage by Device

Who would have thought ten years ago that it would be common for people to own more than one device to perform similar functions. Many Australians comfortably move between smartphone to PC to their tablet and back to their PC whilst using their mobile phone. Phew! That’s a lot of movement, and a lot of crossover!

It’s not a huge surprise to us, but social media users commonly digitally socialise on their smartphones (70%), with 52% of users also experiencing social media on PCs and 34% utilise their tablets too. We’d say this means it’s important to ensure all content you share (and your website) are smartphone friendly and suitable for responsive platforms and multiple devices. For more information on responsive websites have a quick read of our blog.

Most Popular Social Media Networks

Wondering which networks the majority of your audience may be part of? The top five are Facebook with a whopping 14 million active users and counting, YouTube (13.9 million active users and their cats call it home), blogging platform WordPress (5.7 million active users), the #selfiesaturated Instagram (5 million active users) and finally sea-punk friendly Tumblr (4.3 million active users). Not every social media platform will be suitable for your business, but knowing which ones have the most active users will help to develop your strategy and identify which suit best.

A fact that we found most shocking, however, was discovering Aussie Facebook users now spend an average of 8.5 hours per week browsing the site. Yikes!

Reasons For Using Social Media

Research shows the top three reasons Australians use social media are to catch up with friends and family, share photos and videos and get information on new and current events. Only 32% of social media users follow businesses via their social accounts for product/service research purposes and to receive discounts, coupons and giveaways. Statistics also show ⅔ of social media users who conducted product research via social media made a purchase online.

The sensis report also noted that while user attitudes towards advertising and sponsored posts on social platforms was mixed 32% of users who follow a brand on social media like sponsored posts and 38% are not bothered seeing adverts and occasionally click through to find out more (42%).

Social Media Usage by Time and Place

A lot of crossover is evident in where and how social media sites are used, showing how mobile we are as a culture and the behaviours we generally associate with social media. Australians most commonly access social media sites and apps first thing in the morning (45%), before they go to bed (41%) and just after work/in the evening (40%). 32% access it at work, 27% browse on their breaks, 23% during lunchtime and 20% view social media during their daily commute. An additional statistic specifies that females are more likely to access social media first thing in the morning, while men prefer to access it during or after work hours. The most common places users engage with their social media accounts is the lounge room (72%), bedroom (43%), in their study (35%), in the kitchen (24%), bathroom (14%) and toilet (14%).

From this data it can be assumed that Australians use social media during times of relaxation, procrastination and to pass the time. We can deduce that messages are then received by viewers when they are in a relaxed state of mind, which may make them more receptive to brand messages.

Recommendations for Your Brand or Business

The early bird catches the worm

When scheduling content earlier is better Australians tend to access social networking sites before and after work. With 45% of users accessing their social media accounts first thing in the morning this is the optimal time to share you content. There is also a higher chance of reaching more social media users by sharing content after work hours and/or before users turn in for the night. It’s always a smart idea to research when your target market access social media as well as which devices for the best results

The best type of content to share

Research shows those who use social media usually follow brands on social to access offers and promotions and research products/services they potentially want to buy. The best content for your brand to share should positively differentiate your product/service, provide information on the benefits, clearly educate potential clients on what your brand differentiation is and share unique promotions and content clients can’t receive elsewhere.

Mobile is King

With 70% of users accessing social media on their smartphone, ensure you optimise and develop your content for mobile interfaces so your content looks good all the time!

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