5 Things You Should Be Looking At In Google Analytics

It goes without say that Google Analytics is the number one tool available in regards to tracking your website traffic, data, and conversions.

Unfortunately while the importance of Google Analytics is undeniable, the fact is that due to the colossal amount of data available it can be unnerving and overwhelming for the layman who simply wants to look at how site content is performing or how visitors are engaging.

With this in mind, we’ve identified the five most important pieces of reporting data in Google Analytics to reveal what it can show you and how it can help your business.

Audience > Overview

Audience Overview
If you’re only going to commit to focusing on one part of Google Analytics, make Audience Overview it. From traffic data and information on your demographics to site behaviour and what browser visitors are using, you will find the most vital bits of information on your user demographic within.

Acquisition > Overview

While knowing how many users visit your site is great, knowing how they got there can be even better – especially if you’re running an SEO or Social campaign.

Looking at your Acquisition data can help you iron out a lot of issues such as site indexing if your results from organic searches aren’t up to scratch, and lets you know which kind of content is drawing in visitors to your blog.

Conversions > Goals > Overview

Businesses are reliant on customers wanting their product or service, so whether you want them to buy a pair of jeans or fill out an enquiry form Google Analytics can make it easy to track your stated aims and goals.

By setting up goals specific to your business in the Conversions tab, you can track and gain insight into the demographics who are visiting your site – segmenting them into source, landing page, and entry point onto the site which is especially handy for measuring your paid or organic campaigns.

Audience > Users Flow

user flow
User Flow is probably the most overlooked tool in Google Analytics. It helps identify the entire user journey of anyone visiting your site – from the page they initially landed on to other pages they clicked through on your site and how that factors (if at all) into your stated Goal Conversion.

This intricate and precise tool can really help refine the aims of your site and streamline the user journey, improving the customer experience and making it easier and quicker for a visitor to get to that end point.

Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages

landing pages

To gain any kind of insight, you need to pay attention to the traffic flow and what pages they’re landing on – if they’re bouncing almost instantly you’ll want to attempt to optimise that page so it’s more in line with what the visitor is expecting.

This is massively important if you’re running any kind of paid search as you need to make sure the campaign is performing for you and you’re not throwing your money away. For this reason you’ll want to make certain that the information you’re offering is the kind needed by your potential audience.

If you’re still confused over the amount of data and the potential it holds for perfecting your website, our SEO team are more than happy to help interpret the data for you and offer some advice on website changes for maximum optimisation.

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