Here at Digital Next, we are proud to say that we are loyal advocates of Host Geek, and we run many of our installations on their hosting service – our own websites included. In this detailed review of our experience with Host Geek, we will share our experiences and give you an inside look at why we think Host Geek is one of the best WordPress hosting providers in Australia.

1. Host Geek Offers A Wide Variety Of Reliable Hosting Plans

Host Geek caters to every kind of website, need and niche that will suit you and your business blog or e-commerce website. Some of the fantastic plans that they offer are as follows:

Shared Web Hosting

Host Geek offers shared web hosting, which is the perfect option for small websites that need a hella reliable and rock solid Australian web hosting even on a limited budget. Their Australian Web Hosting offers a variety of plans, and is scalable with plans to suit any website.

VPS Hosting

If yours is a website that requires a lot more power, control and security than your everyday standard shared web hosting solution, Host Geek’s VPS hosting is the best option for you. Host Geek’s Virtual Private Server offerings are made to grow with the increase of traffic and expansion of your website. Without the significant costs attached, a VPS server from Host Geek ensures that you gain full control of your resources whilst still benefiting from industry-leading infrastructure at a very affordable price.

Your website’s performance on a VPS will also be significantly increased than it would be on shared hosting. All of Host Geek’s managed VPS servers are fully maintained by their team from the very beginnings of setup through to ongoing management. Host Geek even goes the extra mile and throws in extra features such as cPanel/WHM, Firewall and Spam Filtering at no extra cost to you whatsoever.

Specialized WordPress Hosting

WordPress is probably the most popular website and blogging platform on the market right now, due to its flexibility, ease of use and the relatively low costs associated with it.

Because Host Geek are WordPress hosting specialists, it makes it easy to create a kickass looking blog or website. Furthermore, because it is open source, it can be set up for a minimal cost. WordPress also uses a variety of fantastic plugins, which enables flexibility and scalability. Anything you imagine can be created.

The great thing about choosing a WordPress Hosting plan with HostGeek is that they will update your WordPress software to ensure that your website uses the latest and most updated/stable version. Host Geek will also keep your Plugins updated for you – another hassle you can cross off your to-do list. Why do they do this for you? This is because these updates are crucial for security and performance reasons and wards off speed issues and hackers.

2. How Host Geek Compares To Other Hosting Services

In our years of experience here at Digital Next and working with hundreds of clients, we have vast experience and have used a fair few different hosting providers in the past. Whilst most of the hosting services we have utilised are great, there are a few things that Host Geek exceptionally stands our for.

Exceptional Support

Host Geek has extremely reliable support services, something that is absolutely crucial if your website crashes or something goes wrong. Time is money, and every moment your website is down is money pouring out of the bank. With many other hosting companies, a response from their support to questions would usually take 72 hours. With Host Geek, however, responses are always sent out within 24 hours, even on the weekend. There have even been times where their support staff have fixed problems instantaneously, saving us and clients a ton of hassle and headache.

Heavy Restrictions Do Not Limit Your Website’s Performance

In our experience, other cheaper hosting services often tend to put heavy restrictions on the performance of your site and the resources it can use. This makes many aspects of websites such as sliding image carousels and other plugins simply impossible. Host Geek, on the other hand doesn’t have these restrictions – giving you full control of how your website looks, its performance and the resources that you would like to use to customise your website.

3. Why We Love Host Geek And Have Stuck With Them

As we are a business in Australia, initially we chose HostGeek because they are an Australian company with servers hosted in Australia. Along with our own websites, our clients who own local Australian businesses are also hosted with Host Geek. As we know, there are many local SEO benefits to hosting your site in Australia – another fantastic reason to use a host that is local to where you are situated. Here are some of the other reasons we are loyal users of Host Geek’s services:

Support Team Is Fantastic

As mentioned previously, the support team over at Host Geek is really kicking ass and doing a stellar job with their response times and overall efficiency.  Their average response time is under an hour, even on the weekends, and 90% of the time Host Geek answered our questions or gave us solutions to problems within their first response. This is great as it greatly reduces the back and forth messaging time which can sometimes be a hassle.

Simple To Use Control Panel

The hosting control panel that comes along with Host Geek’s services is cPanel, one of the best control panels out there today. cPanel allows you to do the following in the fastest and easiest way possible:

– Create email accounts and checking them by webmail
– Making/restoring website database backups
– Using File Manager to manage files instead of FTP
– Easily create and manage FTP accounts
– Check disk space usage, error logs, usage stats by domain, etc
– Automatically install WordPress using Installatron

Installing WordPress Is Fast And Easy

Installing WordPress is very easy and fast with Host Geek, another one of our favorite things about HostGeek. To install WordPress, all you have to do is:

– Login to your hosting control panel.
– Click the Installatron icon.
– Find/search for WordPress and click the icon.
– Click the Install this application button.
– Fill out their simple form (i.e. admin username and password).
– Click install.

The Installatron system then automatically creates the needed directories, the database and then sends you an email with your login credentials. Installatron will also email you when there is a new version of WordPress, making it easy to stay up-to-date with the software. Simple as pie!

4. Our Overall Opinion & Conclusion

Overall, Host Geek is one of the best if not the best hosting services we have used in the past few years. We have never had any trouble with them, and their highly efficient support team is always there, around the clock, to make sure that any problems that do arise are fixed in the shortest amount of time possible. With a variety of various hosting plans to suit all budgets, there is something for everyone – whether you are a blogger or a business – Host Geek has a perfect plan for you!

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