Do you want more conversions from your PPC campaign?

  • David James
  • PPC
  • 30th June 2017

In the majority of search marketing markets, Google Adwords provides the best opportunity for businesses to get their products and services exposure to their target market. When the platform was first launched, it was easy to buy traffic at a cheap price. However, due to Adwords’ bid model, prices have soared over the last 14 years from $0.20 per click to upwards of $100 a click in some industries.

The ‘traffic-focused’ lead generation model doesn’t work as well as it used to on this platform. There is a need for businesses to adopt a ‘conversion-focused’ approach with their PPC management, otherwise they will risk wasting their precious advertising budget on unqualified traffic and leads.

Digital Next’s account managers understand this and recommend advertisers to adopt a conversion-focused campaign that will allow their business to build a pipeline of qualified leads. Here are a few of the team’s recommendations.

Keep on testing.

If you want to get the best results, you need to keep on tweaking and optimising your campaigns. Often, you will need to run split tests to get data that will demonstrate which campaigns are working to bring you qualified traffic, leads and conversions.

Refine your ad copy.

It’s common for advertisers to use the exact same ad copy for every advertising campaign and across each advertising group. It is more scalable to run a ‘one-size fits all campaign’, but more often than not, this approach will be doing a disservice.

Optimise your ads for the specific audience that you are targeting. Then refine the message in the ad to see which copy drives the most amount of conversions. You will need to split test campaigns to see which ads perform the best and that will ultimately drive the most amount of conversions.

Optimise your keyword groups.

It is easy to waste money by appearing for keywords that aren’t relevant. Surprisingly, unqualified people will click on the ad, costing you advertising dollars. You want to appear for the right keywords without compromising your overall advertising visibility.

– Keep the keyword groups focused on niche audiences.
– Add negative keywords where it is necessary.
– Split test between exact, phrase and broad match and keyword modifiers.

Split test your landing pages.

Driving traffic from your ad campaigns is one thing, but if the people aren’t converting on the website, then all of the advertising optimisation efforts will amount to nothing. It’s important that the landing page is optimised to improve the overall conversion rate.

Test different landing page copy, call to actions and display layouts to see which landing page provides the highest engagement and web to lead conversions.

Improve the quality score.

Improving the quality score will help to reduce the cost of your advertising. However, it shouldn’t be done at the expense of conversions. A careful ‘balancing act’ between optimising for Google and optimising for leads needs to be implemented. Should you crack the code that allows both, your cost per lead acquisition should be reduced.

Track goal and assisted conversions.

One of the other major issues is that conversions aren’t setup properly on the site. You cannot manage what isn’t being tracked. And you want to be able to see exactly where the conversions are coming from and the funnel that is driving the most amount of conversions.

Prioritise optimising your Google Analytics console so that the data that is collected is accurate and will provide you with the insight to optimise your campaigns so that you can improve your site’s overall conversions.

Leverage remarketing.

One of the best things you can do is build a remarketing list based on the people that have visited your website. People that have visited your website are more likely to convert and if you have run a paid advertising campaign in the past, it allows you to retarget to one-time visitors that otherwise would have been lost.

Get in touch with one of Digital Next’s PPC consultants to find out how you can improve your site’s conversions. We’d recommend that you check out the following resource and case study.

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