Web Hosting

What Is White Label Hosting?

Heard of white label hosting? Well, if you haven’t, white label hosting is also known as reseller hosting. White label or reseller hosting is the ability to re-sell another hosting company’s servers/bandwidth/hosting services as if they were your very own. White label hosting can be a fantastic addition to your current business offerings, and can even offer you a way …

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How Does Hosting Affect Your Website’s SEO?

Many people these days have the idea that their journey into web prominence starts with selective keywords, Google Analytics and the shrewd utilisation of specific keywords. Whilst all this is true and most definitely extremely important in building and strengthening your SEO presence, did you know that the very foundation of your website’s SEO actually begins with your hosting …

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WordPress Hosting Review: Host Geek Australia

Here at Digital Next, we are proud to say that we are loyal advocates of Host Geek, and we run many of our installations on their hosting service – our own websites included. In this detailed review of our experience with Host Geek, we will share our experiences and give you an inside look at …

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