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International Women’s Day

OMG! It’s March 8th! You do know what this means, right? No, it’s not because it’s Freddie Prinze Jr’s birthday. Nope, not even that it’s James Van Der Beek’s birthday, either (shout out to my Dawson’s Creek fans, though). Obsolete 90’s male celebrities aside, March 8th is the official date of International Women’s Day. IWD …

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How to Maximise Coin Returns on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

From the seasoned gamer hoping to learn some new tricks, to the FIFA 17 up-and-comer hoping to level the playing field for their grand debut; there is always a way to make a few extra coins for those willing to put in the effort. This may involve riding the hype-bubble by following the flow of …

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Mars: Science Fiction is Becoming Science Fact

Today, NASA confirmed evidence that liquid water flows on present-day Mars, citing data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. With each and every Mars discovery, humanity is one step closer to becoming an inter-planetary space faring species. Mars Discovery Timeline: • Circa 1570 BC – Ancient Egyptians make note of Mars’ reverse orbit in relation to …

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