Google Analytics

Seeing Lower Traffic In Google Analytics? It’s Not All That Bad!

When it comes to getting traffic to our web properties, quality is much better than quantity. However, we ideally want to get a large amount of qualified leads through our web channels. We measure this through our web traffic metrics to see where the traffic is being referred from. Google Analytics is the primary traffic …

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5 Things You Should Be Looking At In Google Analytics

It goes without say that Google Analytics is the number one tool available in regards to tracking your website traffic, data, and conversions. Unfortunately while the importance of Google Analytics is undeniable, the fact is that due to the colossal amount of data available it can be unnerving and overwhelming for the layman who simply …

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Combatting Ghost Spam in Google Analytics

It seems that not a day goes by where Google Analytics isn’t being bombarded by referral spam from adult sites, and social media buttons. As more filters are set it up to manage the sheer amount of useless data polluting analytics, digital agency webmasters are becoming overwhelmed and struggling to keep on top of it. …

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