5 Ways To Rejuvinate Your Blogging Creativity

When it comes to blogging, more than often, people tend to suffer from writer’s block. Even the best of the best are faced with this challenge sometimes, so finding new ways to freshen yourself up or rejuvenate your blogging creativity is essential. Below are 5 easy ways you can breathe new life into your blogging, ensuring that you do not miss out on traffic, customer engagement and sales opportunities.

1. Find Out More About Your Audience

Everything you write should be filtered through your audience – what they want, what they need and what they enjoy reading or find of value. Not knowing your audience well enough is a surefire way to produce content that is not aligned with them or their needs, thus affecting engagement, traffic and revenue to your website. A good way to freshen things up is to research your audience in detail, understand their personas and build up on that. What are they searching for? What will make their lives easier? All these are questions that you should be asking yourself before you embark on writing or creating content for your blog.

2. Write What Inspires You

Sometimes, we forget what inspires us or why we even got into the whole blogging gig in the first place. Audiences connect with people who are genuine, passionate and who truly love what they do. Instead of writing a technical piece on your blog, put a few posts up on the everyday things that inspire you. Talk about your favourite movies, music, podcasts and so on. Tying your passions into quality content that your audience will appreciate is a fantastic way of engaging with your viewers on a whole different level.

3. Switch It Up

If your blog is primarily text based, why not switch things up by posting a Video Blog (Vlog) for a change? Not only will your audience get to actually see you up close and personal, they’ll realise that you are, just like them, a normal person. Often times, many bloggers tend to hide behind their screen, creating a barrier between themselves and their audience. Slam through this barrier by posting a fun video of all the things you ate last Saturday, or just a short video of your opinion on a certain issue at hand.

4. Check An Annual Calendar

From Small Business Saturday to Valentine’s Day or National Pancake Day, there always seems to be some sort of holiday celebrated somewhere around the world. Why not bank on this to create brand new, fresh and exciting content? All these events and occasions are great opportunities to engage with your audience in a fun and light-hearted level.

5. A Change Of Scenery

Last but not least, sometimes all we need when we are experiencing writer’s block or a lack of creativity is a change of scenery. Do you always write at your desk at home or at work, at a specific time of the day? Why not change things up by bringing your computer along with you to a trendy cafe and making your favourite coffee spot your office for the day? You will be amazed at how sometimes just a shift in environment can affect your overall creativity.

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