5 Of The Best WordPress Plugins For Food Bloggers

I’m sure we are all aware by now that WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there today. This comes as no surprise since WordPress is renowned for its reliability, power and endless customisation options. If you are a food blogger, you’ll be familiar with always wanting to milk as much as you possibly can out of WordPress. How do you do that? With handy Plugins, of course.

With the endless variety of Plugins available for you to utilise on your food blog, you may be a little confused as to which ones will do the job the best. To help you out, here are, in our opinion, 5 of the best WordPress plugins for Food Blogs.

1. Meal Planner Pro Recipes 

Meal Planner Pro is one of the best recipe plugins out there today. Aside from being fully compliant with Google Recipe View and Pinterest Rich Pins schema markup requirements, this plugin is also fully responsive and perfectly adjusted for Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Phones.

Meal Planner Pro comes with a variety of design options, and there is a design to suit every style of Food Blog out there. With elegant, sleek and minimalistic designs available, this plugin will not distract from your beautiful food photos. Have a look at what Meal Planner Pro looks like in this recipe.

2. Recipe Hero

Recipe Hero is another great recipe plugin for food bloggers. This plugin allows you to add a custom post type to your WordPress dashboard which enables you to easily store and create delicious recipes. Recipe Hero offers you a lot of control over how you display each of your yummy recipes. Furthermore, you have the option of adding/creating a responsive image gallery which will help to truly immerse your readers in their recipe of interest. If you are searching for even more customisation options, there are also premium extensions available on Recipe Hero.

3. Recipe Card

This one is another one that is popular with many successful food bloggers. Recipe Card makes it all too easy to create beautiful recipes that readers can print, save and review – a plus for many readers. This plugin also optimises your recipes for search engines and generates nutrition facts should you choose to display them on your food blog. Recipe Card is equipped with a variety of templates that will compliment any blog out there.

4. Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Button

If you’re a food blogger, you’ll know that Pinterest is truly a Godsend for food and recipe blogs. Many bloggers have said that a vast majority of their blog traffic is directed from Pinterest – sometimes even up to 80%! Because of this, you definitely want to make your photos and recipes easily “pin-able”. The Pinterest Pin It Button will add a simple ‘Pin It’ Button to every image across your site. This way, with just a few clicks, your readers can share your content to Pinterest for you.

5. Gravity Forms

As a food blogger, you want a way for your viewers to reach out to you. Whether it be questions about recipes, comments on how their attempt at your recipe turned out or a simple greeting from a loyal reader, you want the process of contacting you to be seamless. We recommend using a contact form plugin that will filter out spam requests and offer a beautiful form your visitors can use. Gravity Forms does just that, and has a very minimal codebase which will not slow your site down.

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