4 Common Typos That May Be Bringing Your Brand Down

Typos in your everyday Facebook Messenger conversations with your bestie who lives across the world are completely acceptable in this day and age – I mean, who has the time to be nitpicking at every word, dash or comma when you’re trying to swiftly convey a message to someone?

Whilst most of us don’t worry too much about the odd error or two, when it comes to your brand or company’s website, typos are an absolute no-no. Seriously, you want to avoid them like the plague. Up to 60% of people have said that they would not trust, let alone use a company that has obvious typos and errors on their website. I mean, how can you trust a company to provide quality service when they can’t even get their spelling right? In fact, organisations with high scoring content on their websites have seen an average of 22 percent growth in Alexa rankings in just the past six months.

Here are a few of the most common typos that may be bringing your brand down – take note and make sure to never make these errors on your company website as they may affect your business’s credibility!

You’re / Your

Now, we know this one grates on many people’s nerves. There is always that one person on Facebook who confuses “you’re” with “your” – a cringeworthy error indeed. Even with the miracle of spell check, this is often a common error made by many. Always remember, you’re = you are. With this in mind, you’ll never make this mistake ever again.

Apostrophe Catastrophe

Similar to misspelling words, bad grammar can really affect the reputation of your brand. One of the most, if not the most common grammar mistake happens when someone thinks any word that has an “s” added on the end also needs an apostrophe. Argh! Always keep in mind that apostrophes are only necessary when there is a need to show possession; on the flip side, words that end in “s” or “es” are simply plural: That girl’s dress vs. The girls love dresses

Don’t Get Names Wrong

Nothing is more annoying than finding out your name has been misspelt. For some reason this just seems to tick us all off. Always make it a point that every moniker, visitor badge and name plaque on your website is letter perfect. You’ll lose points – or even worse, business, if you cannot even get someone’s name right.

Always Retain A Level Of Consistency

People tend to notice subtle inconsistencies – it’s just what we do as human beings. Do you tend to capitalise titles on some of your website’s pages and not on others? What about the fonts you use? Do they vary from page to page? A big part of having and maintaining a professional appearance is your attention to detail; create a company-wide style guide to help remove inconsistencies and to step up your image and game.


With a little attention to detail, you’ll be able to weed out the typos and grammatical errors that may exist on your brand’s website as well as prevent future ones from ever happening. Remember, first impressions count and you want your customers to feel confident in your services the second they land on your homepage, so keep those typos in lockdown!

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