4 Things Your Media Kit Needs To Gain More Sponsors Today

Whether you are a blogger, photographer or graphic designer, you are always searching for more ways to gain exposure in the market and make revenue out of your talents. Whilst sponsors can indeed sometimes approach you on their own accord, in this day and age where competition is high, a media kit is what you need to really get yourself out there. A media kit is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal as it gives brands all the information that they need about you and your services, in an easy to navigate document that they don’t have to spend hours searching through. Your media kit is essentially all the answers to the questions a sponsor would have to ask you, so here are 4 things your media kit will need to gain sponsors today.

1. Who Are You & What Are You All About?

When it comes to a media kit, it is crucial that you let your sponsors know who you are and what you are all about. Giving potential brands a brief yet informative introduction of yourself helps make a great first impression of all that you have to offer.

You can start off by telling potential sponsors your story – how you got started in your craft, what inspires you and who you would love to collaborate with in the future.  Depending on what industry you are in, always make that extra effort to get a little personal with your media kit. Offer informative and valuable information to sponsors, and write both from the heart and in a professional manner. Finding that perfect balance is key. Let them know why you do what you do, why you have chosen a specific niche and so on. These are the points that will differentiate you from your competitors and spark curiosity in others, so give it your all!

2. Tell Them What You Do

Telling a potential sponsor what you do goes way beyond just saying things like “I draw, paint and sketch”. Sponsors want to know the minute details. How long does it take you to finish one piece of artwork? How many hours go into making a recipe and taking photos of it for your food blog? What materials do you use to make your jewellery? All these things are ways of assigning a value to your talent. The most important thing is trying to convince a client or sponsor that you truly have something that is of great use or relevance to their brand. Your main objective here is to have them realise that they will truly benefit and become a better brand by teaming up with you.

3. Services And Rates

Of course, the media kit is a great way of displaying what services you offer, and exactly how much you charge for them. This avoids any potential uncomfortable and awkward negotiations – something we all cringe at. Provide lists of services that will appeal to sponsors and brands – they will also want to know the demographics of your audience, the influence you have on them and the ROI for their companies. Avoid underpricing your services – never short change yourself. With that said, don’t go overboard with pricing as well. Do some research on how much others are asking for similar services and adjust accordingly.

4. Social Proof

Social Media is king in this day and age. That is why social proof provides further external validation that your services or product attracts hoards of people’s attention and motivates audiences to engage and participate. Showing companies that you are constantly engaging with your audience is a fantastic way of letting them know that sponsoring you will be to their absolute benefit. Social proof also helps alleviates a sponsor’s potential risk of associating with your brand. Brands that are slightly hesitant will inevitably feel more comfortable if you can show that you are already working with other companies or have a reach that goes up to the thousands.


With these 4 pointers kept in mind, you’ll see your media kit attracting more attention than it ever has before. Always remember, at the end of any media kit lives an enticing call to action, so never forget to provide links and contact information for brands to get in touch with you. 


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